8 Different Patio Light Ideas

There are many ways to beautify your patio, but one of the simplest things you can do is set up new lighting. Whether it’s hanging no-frills string lights or installing a sparkling outdoor chandelier, the right lighting can provide the perfect combo of style and functionality. We’ve rounded up eight light ideas to make your patio shine during game nights, summer BBQ parties, and everything … Continue reading 8 Different Patio Light Ideas

The Final Touch: Outdoor Lighting Ideas

You have carefully constructed a DIY fire pit with the help of friends and family. You picked the right combination of dining sets, deep seating furniture, and decorations to bring your porch, deck, yard, and walkways to life. Your lawn is manicured, your stone paths are sanded. But there’s one final step before your outdoor remodeling project is complete: installing outdoor lighting. This task sounds … Continue reading The Final Touch: Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decorating Tips

As the general public becomes more knowledgeable about pollution, climate change, and the ways they can personally make a difference, options for eco-friendly alternatives multiply every year. This is true for most industries, including outdoor decor and furniture. Are you convinced you can’t find eco-conscious furnishings and decorations for your outdoor spaces and must choose between conservation and style? Think again! The foundation of eco-friendly … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Outdoor Decorating Tips

Style Tips for Decorating Your Lake House

You’ve been dreaming of owning a lake house, fishing from the pier, watching sunsets, and making life-long memories with your family. Now that you finally have a lake house of your own, it’s time to embark on your next great adventure — styling your new place. Whether you plan to host weekend getaways or month-long retreats, with these tips and the right outdoor furniture, we’ll … Continue reading Style Tips for Decorating Your Lake House

Style Tips for Decorating Your Desert Getaway

Modern conveniences, sleek architecture, and bohemian style combine to create the luxurious yet nomadic allure of desert living. The dream of climbing the mountains in the Mojave or admiring the Sonoran sunsets have convinced you to buy a desert getaway. Now that you’re almost ready to settle into your adobe abode, it’s time to select the furniture that will make your vacation house a home. … Continue reading Style Tips for Decorating Your Desert Getaway

How to Plan and Decorate a Beach House

Your sunny summer days relaxing at the beach are just around the corner. You’ve been dreaming of owning an oceanfront property your entire life, and now that you’ve closed the sale, it’s time to set sail towards bliss. Whether you plan to stay at your beach house for family vacations or snowbird getaways, you’ll need to decorate your home. Casual yet elegant, contemporary coastal style … Continue reading How to Plan and Decorate a Beach House

Add Boho Decorations to Your Outdoor Space for a New Look

No matter how carefully you curate the furniture and decorative elements in your outdoor space, you may eventually grow tired of the colors, lighting, or the overall arrangement of your outdoor furniture. Have no fear! An easy way to infuse your outdoor space with a fun, new look is to simply swap out the accessories. We’ve been pretty inspired by the Bohemian trend lately, so … Continue reading Add Boho Decorations to Your Outdoor Space for a New Look

Fall Outdoor Dining Tablescapes

The cooler evenings of fall create the perfect setting for an outdoor candlelit dinner, either with your special someone or with the entire family. Even if you’ve decked out your patio with a full POLYWOOD dining set, the low-maintenance lumber and outdoor cushions covered in all-weather performance fabric need a little more decoration to impress your guests. Creating fall outdoor dining tablescapes is simpler than … Continue reading Fall Outdoor Dining Tablescapes