Add Boho Decorations to Your Outdoor Space for a New Look

Originally Published on August 29, 2019. Last Updated on November 6, 2023.

No matter how carefully you curate the furniture and decorative elements in your outdoor space, you may eventually grow tired of the colors, lighting, or the overall arrangement of your outdoor furniture.

Have no fear! An easy way to infuse your outdoor space with a fun, new look is to simply swap out the accessories. We’ve been pretty inspired by the Bohemian trend lately, so we figured we’d do a little research and outline a few ideas for refreshing your space with a carefree Boho look.

What is Bohemian, or Boho, Style?

The word “Bohemian” first came to prominence in the early 19th century in France to describe financially struggling writers, painters, and musicians moving into lower-rent Romani neighborhoods. These free-spirited artists romanticized the persecuted yet bold and unconventional Romani people and emulated the colorful “vagabond” lifestyle to reject the conformity of the middle-class bourgeois.

Bohemian Interior

Today, Bohemian style is a wide-reaching term that encapsulates styles that feature many patterns, colors, fabrics, and materials that are decidedly not modern. Current Bohemian style borrows from many cultures and aesthetics, from the colorful Romani jewelry and outfits of 19th century France to the intricate patterns and Earth tones of Persian rugs. If you have a traditional outdoor space, infuse it with life by adding boho decorations for comfort and relaxation.

When envisioning your boho deck or patio, keep these words in mind to help you choose decorations:






How To Add Bohemian Decorations to Your Outdoor Space

To help you transform your space into an interesting and inviting Bohemian retreat, try any combination of the boho decor ideas.

Color and Patterns

The subtle grays, blacks, and browns of modern design styles should be considered off-limits when choosing your Bohemian decorations. Look for brightly colored, patterned pieces that are eye-catching, unusual, and eclectic.

Jewel Tone Pillows

If you want a general guideline for color palettes, draw inspiration from common Bohemian color schemes: jewel tones, metallics, and warm earth colors. There is still a place for white within your deck or porch retreat — use it as a backdrop for more vivid hues, and to add some negative space to your layout.

Consider your rug (or rugs) the unifying elements, but don’t feel restricted by their patterns or colors. Contrast patterns and shapes among your decorations to create several focal points in a limited amount of space. The overall experience and the infusion of your unique personality are more important than any conventional design rules. 

Colorful Rugs


You’re not looking for a handful of sleek accents — with boho decorations, more is more! Add rugs, throw blankets, pillows, cushions, art pieces, sculptures, tchotchkes, and any odds and ends you like to your space.

Hanging tapestries, decorated privacy walls, and vertical gardens should be added to outdoor areas with a boho theme so that every inch fits into the theme. Looking for some shade? Cover your pergola with a canopy to block the sun and foster conversation. Cover the floor with rugs, adorn your furniture with throws to layer patterns — really go for it!

Vertical Garden Wall

Of course, you want to leave enough space so that you and your guests can comfortably navigate the area without difficulty. Grabbing that third cocktail will turn into a chore if you have to climb over a mountain of throw pillows.


Bohemian decor breaks down the physical and stylistic barriers between the natural world and your living space. One of the hallmarks of any boho space is greenery — and lots of it!



Fill colorful ceramic pots with vertical greenery that provides natural privacy in any corner of your yard. If you don’t have many structures where you can hang or plant shrubs and flowers, install a few planters in the corners of your space to zone off the area.

Don’t want to dedicate too much time to gardening and maintenance? Invest in leafy, low-maintenance plant options like flowering cacti and succulents.

Three Cactus Planters


Ambient lighting will keep your cozy chats and fireside fraternizations going well into the night, but be sure to adorn your Bohemian space with multiple types of gentle outdoor lighting. Avoid bright, overhead floodlights — you want illumination that looks like it could leap out of a classic novel.

Two great options are lanterns and fairy lights. Populate the walls or borders of your outdoor space with a mixture of affordable lanterns that you can easily light after the sun sets. If you have a trellis or lattice wall you can weave inexpensive Christmas lights throughout these structures for a truly atmospheric way to light your space at night.

Candle Lanterns


A Bohemian space is not composed of completely new items. Most centerpieces of boho decor are deeply personal and carry history with them. Even an untrained eye can tell the difference between a wannabe Bohemian space populated with random trinkets and an authentic collection of items, fabrics, and furniture pieces carefully chosen (and used) by you.

While you can fill out your outdoor patio or deck with enough decorations, rugs, and lighting to lay a solid foundation, remember that Bohemian decor will become more organic and unified as the years go by. 

Furniture Styles That Complement Boho Decor

Looking for outdoor furniture that matches your Bohemian vision? You don’t need to get fancy — stick with these timeless options and let your imagination run wild when selecting decorations, rugs, and lighting.

Modern Adirondack

When selecting furniture for a boho-inspired outdoor space, you can stay on theme by going with furniture that is lower to the ground. Bohemian spaces are intended to help you unwind, sink in, and reconnect with the Earth around you.

If you need to populate your deck or balcony before unleashing your inner boho decorator, Modern Adirondack chairs or rockers are versatile options that keep you low to the floor while supporting you with a waterfall back and contoured seat. You can stick with neutral tones as a base, or go wild from step one by ordering chairs in vibrant colors.

Modern Adirondack 3-Piece Set
Modern Adirondack 3-Piece Set

Deep Seating

If your space is unfurnished, consider plush deep seating sofas and seats that come with a layer of padded, durable comfort. Cushions and functional comfort define many Bohemian outdoor spaces, and with water-repellant outdoor performance fabric on all of our cushions, you won’t have to worry about your deck sofa being ruined by a rainstorm.

EDGE Collection
EDGE Collection

Stretch out and host your friends with layers of throw pillows and sturdy, outdoor pillows covered in all-weather performance fabric that can be used as seating for guests who prefer to lounge on the ground.

Mix and Match 

With a Bohemian space, you don’t need a uniform furniture style. Most pieces of furniture used in boho decor are distressed finds from local vintage shops, so feel free to mix and match styles and materials! A wrought iron coffee table paired with a wicker chair and piles of throw pillows will bring life and energy to your boho-chic corner.

How did your outdoor Bohemian revamp go? How many boho decor ideas did you end up incorporating? Let us know in the comments!

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