4-Course Campfire Cuisine

Warm weather is here to stay (we hope). If you suffered through the blistering cold, never-ending winter like we experienced in Indiana, we’re sure you’re ready to escape your house and get back outdoors. We’ve put together a 4-course meal that can be prepared, cooked and enjoyed around your fire pit.

Course 1: Salad on a Stick

Okay—Salad-on-a-stick isn’t cooked on your fire pit, but it’s a unique way to enjoy a salad and very convenient to snack on while sitting around the fire waiting for your next course to finish cooking. If you’d like to incorporate your fire pit into this course, try lightly grilling the lettuce and other veggies over the fire before putting them on the skewer.

Course 2: Grilled Green Beans with Dipping Sauce

These fire-charred green beans from Chow.com are the perfect appetizer for your meal. They are easy to cook, especially in a grilling basket. You don’t need a fork for these green beans—just pick them up and eat them like fries!

Course 3: Chicken with Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes and Dill

Who would have guessed that a meal this gorgeous—and delicious—was cooked outside over a firepit? Impress your family and friends by serving this recipe of chicken with roasted brussels sprouts, potatoes and dill by Lauren Ariza as the main course.

Course 4: Banana Boats

Who likes waiting for dessert? No one. These banana boats are super easy to prepare and are ready to eat after just 5 minutes on the fire. Simply add marshmallows and chocolate chips, or get creative and add a combination of other tasty ingredients like M&M’s®, nuts, caramel sauce, or peanut butter.

We hope you enjoy this 4-course campfire cuisine. What are some of your favorite recipes to cook over a fire?

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