How to Throw a Bachelorette or Bachelor Party at Home

Originally Published on July 20, 2023. Last Updated on February 29, 2024.

Whisking the bride or groom away to exotic locales for a huge pre-wedding bash sounds like a dream for some. For others, this may not be ideal due to busy work schedules, young kids, budgetary concerns, or other valid reasons. If you’ve taken on hosting duties, see if the guest of honor would like a bachelor or bachelorette party at home. 

Staycation celebrations can save money and stress since no hotel rooms, road trips, strangers, or noisy bars are involved. If you’re looking for at-home bachelor or bachelorette party ideas, keep reading. Our handy guide will help you plan the perfect pre-nuptial party that bids farewell to the bride or groom’s singledom. 

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Party Planning Tips
Bachelorette Party Ideas
Bachelor Party Ideas
Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

Party Planning Tips

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Here are our suggestions to streamline party prep.

Determine the Guest List

Speak with the bride or groom to find out who they want to invite. Keeping the list short is wise since you’ll be celebrating at your—or someone else’s—home.

Select a Date

Pick a few days or weekends that work for the bride- or groom-to-be, then run them by the rest of the attendees to see what fits the most schedules. 

Pick the Location

As soon as possible, choose the destination for the bachelorette or bachelor shindig based on a few factors:

  • Availability: Can you use the home on the chosen date?
  • Size: Is there enough outdoor space for guests and activities?
  • Amenities: Are there fun things to do there (think hot tub, swimming pool, outdoor bar, etc.)? 

Decide on a Budget

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are typically funded by everyone except for the bride or groom, so check what the attendees are comfortable spending for decor, activities, food, and drinks.

Consider the Guest of Honor’s Tastes

Choose decor, food, and activities that center around the bride or groom. For example, if the bride picked navy and cream as the wedding colors, style a matching party aesthetic. Or perhaps the groom loves Chipotle. Order carryout from that restaurant, and be sure to get him his favorite meal (and extra chips and guac).

Delegate Tasks

A lot goes into party planning, and the maid of honor or best man doesn’t have to do it alone. Get the rest of the guests involved to help with cooking, setup, decorating, cleanup, and other items on your to-do list.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Make the bride feel extra special with these unique ideas.

1. At-Home Spa Day

It’s likely that the bride will experience pre-wedding jitters, so a spa day might be just what the doctor ordered. Set up mani/pedi stations on the patio, serve mimosas, and have guests wear matching robes for a fun photo op. 

If you have chaise lounges, even better: Everyone can lie back and let their facemasks set. Take it a step further by hiring professionals to come over and treat the bride and interested guests to full-body massages. 

2. Alfresco Wine Tasting

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Wine tasting is a classic bachelorette activity, and it’s one you can easily accomplish at home. If the bride-to-be is fond of a crisp Chardonnay or a full-bodied Zinfandel, she’ll love an at-home wine tour. To make it feel more personal, serve wines from vineyards she’s visited or countries she dreams of traveling to. 

Or, if the bride likes a challenge, try an expensive versus inexpensive blind tasting. You can also pre-order personalized wine glasses guests can take home as keepsakes.

3. Tea Party

Does the bride-to-be love the finer things in life? If so, afternoon tea on the patio may be right up her alley. Have everyone don floral dresses, fascinators, and gloves, and set your patio up for a traditional English teatime. Here’s how:

  • Start serving in the mid-afternoon.
  • Set the tables with white linens, place cards, small plates, and flatware.
  • Use a silver tray and tea service consisting of a teapot, sugar bowl, milk carafe, cups, and saucers.
  • As the hostess, you pour the tea for everyone—ensure the bride is served first.
  • Offer an assortment of teas, milk, sugar cubes, and lemon slices.
  • Serve dainty sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, and pastries.

4. Outdoor Arts and Crafts

If the bride is making her own wedding decor, set up a craft station on the deck where guests can pitch in and help her finish up the adornments for the big day. It’s a fun way to bond, and the bride will sincerely appreciate the helping hands. 

You can also offer other creative outlets for the bridal party if the decor gets done early. Let them put paintbrush to canvas, decorate pottery, or have everyone paint one section of a memory chest that the bride can keep as a memento. 

5. Pre-Wedding Wellness Weekend

If the bride wants to reset both mind and body before the big day, she’ll welcome a weekend of outdoor wellness. First, designate a flat space in the yard for an exercise area. Start each morning with a sweat session led by a fitness instructor, followed by nourishing sips at a smoothie station. 

For daily activities, plan nearby hikes, group meditations, or journaling time. Round out the days with a candlelit dinner outside, where plant-based creations and mocktails are on the menu.

Bachelor Party Ideas

Plan a celebration the groom will never forget with these easy ideas.

6. Backyard Game Day

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Bachelor party games go way beyond beer pong. Get the guys dressed in themed outfits, and let the games begin. Try a DIY obstacle course, Minute To Win It games, Kan Jam, or Hammerschlagen. Offer prizes like custom pint glasses for game winners and give them out for made-up achievements such as best dressed, Mister Congeniality, and most improved player. 

7. Poker Night

Poker is a long-standing bachelor party tradition, and it’s easy to host the game out back. Aside from playing cards and chips, you only need a sturdy patio table (round is best) and comfortable chairs. 

If you have the furniture and space to accommodate, get a couple of games going if there are enough people (maybe the groom’s dad, uncles, and pending father-in-law are there too). Serve beer and easy-to-handle foods like pizza or hot dogs, and the winners get bragging rights as take-home prizes.

8. At-Home Tailgate

For the groom who loves sports, turn his bachelor party into a backyard tailgate. Plan the festivities around his favorite team’s schedule, and lock in a date that works as soon as possible. You can set up a projector and screen outside or just have everyone head inside to watch the game after the tailgating fun.

9. Movie Night

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Is the groom a movie buff? If so, set up an outdoor theater where everyone can sit back and watch his favorite films. You’ll need comfortable seating and a cinema-inspired snack bar with popcorn, drinks, candy, and chips. 

You can even sneak in a drinking game: Take a sip when someone says “baby” in The Hangover or Ron Burgundy exclaims something iconic (e.g., “Great Odin’s raven!”) in Anchorman. 

10. Outdoor Golf Party

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If the groom is into golf, plan a bachelor par-tee complete with over-the-top golf outfits, cigars, and coolers of ice-cold beer. Set up a portable golf course in the yard, or if he and his buddies are serious about working on their game, include the following:

  • Chipping and hitting nets
  • Mats (to protect the grass)
  • Putting green
  • Training putters
  • Swing trainers
  • Golf traps and bases
  • Golf simulator
  • Impact bags

Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas

Co-ed parties are ideal for couples who share a close-knit group of friends, want the bridesmaids and groomsmen to meet before the big day, or are conscious of everyone’s budgets. Plan a combined celebration with these exciting and cost-effective ideas. 

11. Pool Party

If you or one of the attending guests has a swimming pool, claim it for the day and build a themed party around it. Host a Vegas-style pool party with drink floats and casino-inspired decor. Or get on island time with a tropical theme. Mix up a batch of piña coladas and put Coronas on ice, decorate with seashells and palm fronds, and lay out plenty of citrus-colored towels.

12. Backyard Camping Trip

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An overnight spent outdoors offers a chance for the bridal party to commune with nature and each other. Ask guests to come armed with tents, sleeping bags, and stories to share around the campfire. Offer s’mores, shish kebabs, chili, and other tasty eats you can cook over an open fire.

13. Low-Key Cookout

Like the bride and groom, great friends and food are the perfect combination. Celebrate the upcoming nuptials with a backyard cookout. Guests can bring a signature side—perhaps drinks or dishes inspired by a memory they have with the couple. 

This idea will work best if your space has comfortable lounge seating and durable dining furniture: Guests need somewhere to gather and toast to your friends’ health and happiness. 


Who normally pays for the bachelorette party?

Traditionally, everyone attending the bachelorette party (other than the bride-to-be) chips in to cover the costs. They’ll pay for a portion of the bride’s expenses as well as their own. 

What not to do at a bachelor party?

Do not do the following things at a bachelor party:

  • Don’t plan something that will make the groom uncomfortable.
  • Don’t plan activities that the other guests can’t afford.
  • Don’t do anything you’ll regret later. We’ll leave it at that.
  • Don’t invite people without asking the groom first. 

When should you have a bachelor party?

Plan the event for about a month or two before the wedding. This is a great time for the groom to blow off steam before more stress is added as the big day approaches.

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