Our 5 Favorite Ways to Relax

Patios and poolside dining tables are prime locations for cookouts, birthday parties, and other festive events, but you can’t always be in hosting mode. The great outdoors is just as inviting on your own, especially after a busy week at work or a non-stop weekend full of dance recitals, volleyball practices, and grocery shopping with the kids.

Your backyard provides a natural escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, we want to help you unwind by compiling our favorite ways of relaxing outside. Grab a drink, your favorite book, and leave the phone inside as you breathe in the fresh air and recharge in the sun.

Cozy Up With Your Love

There are few experiences more romantic than sharing a sunset with your partner. Pour a couple of glasses of champagne or boil a fresh pot of tea and snuggle up on a glider or swing built for two. The gentle forward and backward motion of a glider and swing isn’t for everyone. If that’s the case, a comfortable bench is always a reliable choice.

Chippendale Glider

Whatever option you choose, don’t forget a cuddly outdoor blanket to drape over you and your love during those chilly fall evenings. During warmer months, light some scented candles that help repel bugs. Not only will you create a romantic ambiance, but you’ll also keep those pesky mosquitoes away from you and your better half.

Create a Serene Backyard Retreat

Become one with nature by transporting your living room right into your garden or under your favorite tree canopy. A deep seating set designed for six people is an excellent option for creating your own private sanctuary.

Vineyard 4-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set

Only allow no-stress activities into your relaxation haven — finish knitting that sweater you started last year, plow through that latest James Patterson novel, or bring out that box of family photos and finally decide what’s making it into the scrapbook. This is your space, so do whatever helps you feel serene, even if that’s napping through the afternoon!

Vineyard 4-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set

Relax by the Campfire

Inhale the aroma of crackling wood and watch the flame gently rise through the evening as you sip on your favorite cocktail and share stories with your closest family. What could be more soothing than sprawling around a fire in the comfort of your own backyard? Order a few Adirondack chairs and start making new memories with little more than some snacks, a gorgeous view, and the flickering light of a roaring fire.

Long Island Adirondack  |  Long Island Dining Chair  |  Long Island 18″ Side Table

Of course, maintaining a fire pit requires your constant attention. Integrate a modern fire pit table into your outdoor space to enjoy complete control over the flame height while cutting out the need for chopping firewood, stoking the fire, and worrying about the wind causing a safety concern. Focus on your loved ones and enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor fire with a fire table designed for families.

Sunbath on a Chaise Lounge

We know you want to work on that tan when the temperature starts to rise. Call up your friend and soak up the sun together as you relax on a couple of comfortable chaise lounges. If you’d rather sunbathe by yourself, that’s okay too! Grab your earphones, listen to your favorite music or podcast, and let the UV rays bronze your skin.

South Beach Chaise 3-Piece Set

While it’s beneficial to enjoy natural sunlight, too much exposure can be problematic. Be sure to follow the American Cancer Society’s sunbathing tips to keep yourself safe during the warmer months.

Go Stargazing

In the deep dark of night, the only illumination you need is a sky full of stars. Learn more about these astronomical wonders by going stargazing with friends or family just steps away from the house. All you need is a few outdoor lounge chairs, a telescope, and a passion for the world beyond your own.

According to Space.com, choosing the right telescope is just as time-consuming as deciding what car to buy. Make the process easier by reading their stargazing gear guide so you can settle in and start making new discoveries.

What are some of your favorite ways to relax outside? Let us know in the comments below!

Blog Post Updated July 26, 2021

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