Circular Patio Ideas 

How to Style Circular Patios and Decks Pinterest boards and home makeover shows on TLC can transform circular patios and decks into zen works of art, elevating the lack of corners into an aesthetic asset. When you move into a home with a circular backyard, patio, or deck and start to plan the layout of your outdoor furniture, you will imagine modern minimalism, crafty curves, … Continue reading Circular Patio Ideas 

How to Maximize Your Triangular Yard or Space

Your brand new home has an enormous basement for all of your tinkering and projects, enough bedrooms to fit your family with space leftover for a game room or study, and up-to-date fixtures and appliances that will make tasks like preparing dinner or taking a shower downright enjoyable. However, there’s one problem — your backyard is far from a cookie-cutter space. In fact, it’s shaped … Continue reading How to Maximize Your Triangular Yard or Space

Patio Designs for Irregular Spaces

Outdoor patios can take on any shape imaginable — there’s the standard square shape, circular, elongated, and the trickier to work with asymmetrical patios. Whether your home was already outfitted with an irregularly shaped patio or you plan on building one yourself the layout will require some planning and creativity. Before you become overwhelmed remind yourself that round or unique patio designs still function the … Continue reading Patio Designs for Irregular Spaces