Curve Appeal: 20 Circular Patio Ideas & Design Tips

Suppose you have a round patio, porch, or deck. In that case, you have an opportunity to try designs and decor that don’t always work in conventional square and rectangle spaces. Since curvy outdoor settings aren’t that common, finding information on how to design and decorate them can take a little more time—but that’s where we come in.  We rounded up all the information you … Continue reading Curve Appeal: 20 Circular Patio Ideas & Design Tips

Maximize Your Triangular Yard

The secret to success with a triangular yard is to embrace the shape and accentuate the sharp angles to create a singular and even dramatic look. Triangle outdoor spaces are uncommon, meaning this is an extra special experience that few homeowners get to enjoy. We can help you seize this opportunity. Browse our style guide to learn how to maximize your triangular yard or space’s … Continue reading Maximize Your Triangular Yard

Patio Designs for Irregular Spaces

Outdoor patios can take on any shape imaginable — there’s the standard square shape, circular, elongated, and the trickier to work with asymmetrical patios. Whether your home was already outfitted with an irregularly shaped patio or you plan on building one yourself the layout will require some planning and creativity. Before you become overwhelmed remind yourself that round or unique patio designs still function the … Continue reading Patio Designs for Irregular Spaces