Curve Appeal: 20 Circular Patio Ideas & Design Tips

Originally Published on January 3, 2020. Last Updated on February 29, 2024.

Suppose you have a round patio, porch, or deck. In that case, you have an opportunity to try designs and decor that don’t always work in conventional square and rectangle spaces. Since curvy outdoor settings aren’t that common, finding information on how to design and decorate them can take a little more time—but that’s where we come in. 

We rounded up all the information you need to design a dreamy discoidal backyard setting, including measuring advice, styling tips, and circular patio ideas for spaces of varying sizes and shapes.

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How to Measure a Circular Outdoor Space

Graph: How to measure a circular outdoor space.

The first step is to gather as much information as possible, so start by measuring your outdoor space. You’ll want to refresh yourself on basic geometry to calculate the exact amount of square footage you have to work with in your round space.

  1. Measure the diameter of the setting (the length from one end to the other at the widest part of the circle). 
  2. Divide the diameter in half to get the radius, and find the center of your space.
  3. Next, calculate the area of your circular patio (the radius squared, then multiplied by 3.14, aka pi). 

So, if the diameter of your deck is 20 feet, your radius would be 10 feet; 10 squared is 100, and when 100 is multiplied by 3.14, you have a patio with 314 square feet of space.

20 ÷ 2 = 10

10² = 100

100 x 3.14 = 314

If you want to know the circumference (the distance around the circular space’s perimeter), multiply the radius by two to get the diameter, then multiply the product by pi. Using the dimensions listed above, the radius is 10 feet. When multiplied by 2 we get the diameter, which is 20 feet. 20 feet multiplied by 3.14 leads us to a circumference of 62.8 feet.

10 x 2 = 20

20 x 3.14 = 62.8

  PRO TIP:  
Keep these dimensions handy when shopping for outdoor furniture and large structures like gazebos or pergolas. This lets you compare measurements and ensure you’re buying appropriately sized furnishings. 

Style Tips for Circular Backyard Designs

Use our style advice to create a relaxing round outdoor space.

1. Divide Circles into Squares

If your patio is large enough, divide the circle into multiple squares where you can place zones of furniture based on how you’d like to use the space. Find the square footage of each space, and keep the numbers handy when shopping for outdoor furniture to ensure you’re not selecting pieces that are too large for each square. 

2. Pick Light Colors for an Open Feel

When selecting the main shades for your outdoor color scheme, lean on lighter hues for your decor, furniture, and backdrop. This makes your circular patio seem larger, which is extra important if you have limited square footage.

3. Decorate With Decals, Murals & Thin Decor

Adorning rounded walls, fences, and railings requires a bit of out-of-the-box thinking. 

  • Try applying decorative decals that fit the wall’s contours, or paint a large mural on your fence if you’re adept with a paintbrush. 
  • Picture frames, shelves, and planters aren’t off-limits either—we suggest choosing long and thin pieces to better fit the curved horizontal surfaces. 
  • Look for planter designs that attach to your railing’s balusters rather than the handrails, or use adjustable rail hangers that can hold hanging baskets.

4. Create a Rounded Focal Point with Furniture

Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie 5-Piece Round Farmhouse Bar Set in Sand
Featured: Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie 5-Piece Round Farmhouse Bar Set in Sand

Our eyes are drawn to spherical shapes, so capitalize on this concept with these furniture styling tips:

  • Place a round fire pit table in the center of your back deck and surround it with curveback Adirondack chairs for a cozy conversation space. 
  • A circular dining set atop a round area rug will do the trick in your annular alfresco area.

5. Style Furniture With Rounded Edges

If you prefer to use more angular furniture, try this compromise: Use pieces with rounded edges. You can still have the straight lines you like, but the softened edges and ends will connect the styles with the room’s rotundity. 

6. Install Curvy Lighting

Use round lights to bring a little drama to your circular patio. Teardrop pendant lamps, spiral chandeliers, winding track lighting, and other sculpted fixtures are ideal round-room illuminators.

7. Use Circular Pavers, Paving Stone Molds, or Stamped Concrete

POLYWOOD 4-Piece Modern Studio Folding Adirondack Chair Conversation Set and Modern Studio Plaza Chair 7-Piece Parsons Table Dining Set in Sand
Featured: 4-Piece Modern Studio Folding Adirondack Chair Conversation Set and Modern Studio Plaza Chair 7-Piece Parsons Table Dining Set in Sand

Start any of these methods if you’re designing a round patio from the ground up. 

  • Rounded pavers: You can create all kinds of curvy designs with circular paving stones because they’re available in varying shapes. Flagstone, for example, is a popular patio material because each piece comes in its own unique shape, allowing homeowners flexibility in their designs.
  • Paving stone molds: If you like DIY projects, make your own pavers in the shape and color you want with a paving stone mold. Simply prep your space, mix up some concrete, pour it into the mold, and repeat. Most molds are reusable, so you can create winding walkways, landscaping borders, and other pretty paved projects.
  • Stamped concrete: This method involves pouring concrete into a pre-built space, then stamping it with heavy texturizing mats that mimic the shape and texture of your preferred material, e.g., wood, stone slabs, bricks, etc.

8. Remember: Less is More

Circles lack corners, so unless you have custom-built furnishings that fit the exact curvature of your walls or railings, you’ll have to limit the number of seats and tables you can use. Pushing straight-edged pieces to the sides of a round room will look off. Your best bet is to style your furniture toward the center of the space, leaving enough on all sides so guests have room to walk. 

Large Round Patio Ideas

Try these tips to create a lounge-inducing layout on your large circular patio.

9. Outdoor Lounge Setting

POLYWOOD Lakeside 4-Piece Deep Seating Set in Teak/Dune Burlap
Featured: Lakeside 4-Piece Deep Seating Set in Teak/Dune Burlap

Fill your circular round patio with a deep seating sectional that can be configured to fit the shape of your space. Top the chairs with colorful throw pillows that soften the look, and put a round table in the center to hold decorations or trays of cocktails.

10. Fire Pit Area

Style a large round fire pit table in the center of your patio and gather color-coordinating Adirondacks and rocking chairs around it. This creates a warm and welcoming all-season space where family can spend s’more time together.

Small Circular Patio Ideas

Try these ideas to bring a lot of style to your little slice of outdoor heaven.

11. Breakfast Nook

POLYWOOD Chippendale 5-Piece Nautical Trestle Dining Arm Chair Set in Teak
Featured: Chippendale 5-Piece Nautical Trestle Dining Arm Chair Set in Teak

Style a quiet place to welcome the morning by turning your small circular patio into a breakfast nook. A round dining set in the center will easily accommodate you and your loved ones while you start Saturday with homemade pancakes drizzled with maple syrup.

12. Reading or Relaxation Space

Place a single chair and ottoman set in the center of the round room so you can read a few chapters or unwind when you need a moment alone.

Round Balcony & Upper Deck Ideas

Level up your lofty spaces with these outdoor style suggestions.

13. Bar-Height Dining Area

POLYWOOD Braxton 5-Piece Nautical Trestle Arm Chair Bar Set in Mahogany
Featured: Braxton 5-Piece Nautical Trestle Arm Chair Bar Set in Mahogany

Furnish your round balcony with a bar cart and a tall round bar set to give your guests an unobstructed view. Wind strands of outdoor lights around the curved railings to create a dreamy space to relax and enjoy a nightcap with friends. 

14. Stargazing Setting

Mirror your rooftop deck after the celestial bodies in the sky by transforming it into a circular stargazing spot. Set up deep seating swivel chairs, a basket of warm blankets, and your telescope so you can lean back and enjoy a 360-degree view of the night sky.

Round Porch Ideas

Here’s round-space inspiration for your porch.

15. Relaxing Workspace

If you work from home, turn your cozy round covered porch into an outdoor office. An all-weather table for your laptop and files, a comfortable chair with a seat cushion for extra support, a hanging lamp, and a few potted ferns are all you need to create a relaxing workspace.

16. Rocking Chair Refuge

POLYWOOD Braxton 3-Piece Porch Rocking Chair Set in Black
Featured: Braxton 3-Piece Porch Rocking Chair Set in Black

Set a row of rockers along the edges of your round porch so you can face your family while you chat. Remember not to place the chairs too close together to prevent accidental bumps while you rock back and forth.

Semicircle Patio Design Ideas

Get all the style in your semicircle outdoor space with these creative concepts.

17. Hot Tub Hideaway

Place a round hot tub in the center of your semicircle patio, then build privacy fences along the rounded edges so you and your family can soak in complete solitude.

18. Outdoor Kitchen

Create an alfresco cooking space with a round counter-height set and an L- or U-shaped cooking station. 

Round Garden Ideas

Give these round design ideas a go in your garden.

19. Secret Garden

Create a hidden space in your garden where you can get away from it all. Style a yoga space with flexible lattice panels around the edges for privacy so you can practice your poses in peace. Or put a workbench and gardening supplies in the center so you keep your tools nearby when you want to flex your green thumb.

20. Interlocking Lounge Space

POLYWOOD Vineyard 4-Piece Bench Seating Set in White
Featured: Vineyard 4-Piece Bench Seating Set in White

Design your round garden Venn diagram-style. Use pavers of varying colors and shapes to denote the separate circular spaces and overlapping areas, then add the furnishings. Try benches or chairs in the outer portions, then style planters in the connected spaces. In the center, place a fountain or large sculpture to serve as a focal point.


How do you style a round patio?

Style a round patio from the center outward. Use a circular table or fire pit as the focal point and surround it with lounge seating. Dot the perimeter with round pots of flowers or encase the space with landscaping designs filled with fluffy ferns and tall arborvitae.

What is the cheapest type of patio to build?

Gravel and bark chippings are the cheapest flooring options for patios. Both are loose materials that can be spread into your preferred shape with a rake or shovel—just remember to lay down landscaping fabric and a secure border to prevent weeds and keep the materials in place.

Can you make a circular patio with square pavers?

You can certainly build a circular patio with square pavers. We highly recommend planning your layout beforehand so you know how many pavers to get and investing in an angle grinder so you can cut the material into different shapes if needed. Then, simply lay the pavers in the circle shape you want, starting in the middle and working your way out.  

What is the best size for a circular patio?

The best size for a circular patio depends on the available square footage and the area’s intended purpose. If you want a cozy breakfast nook that can house a round four-person dining set, you’ll only need a room with a 10-foot diameter. This offers enough space for everyone to pull out their chairs and walk around the table. To accommodate larger pieces and more guests (a seven-piece deep seating set, for example), plan a minimum circular space with a 15-foot diameter. 

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