Comparing Chaise Lounges

Outdoor chaise lounges represent a stylish and elegant way to relax in the comfort of your backyard. The long chair design with the angled back provides full-body support so you can doze, sunbathe, read, or reflect in total comfort. Our chaise lounges for outdoors feature adjustable backrests so you can always find the right angle.

Deciding that you want a chaise lounge or a chaise lounge set near your pool or along your patio is the first step — choosing a specific style can be the more involved and stressful decision. Luckily we’ve laid out the key differences of our multiple chaise lounge styles below to make the purchasing process hassle-free.

South Beach Chaise

South Beach Chaise

The South Beach Chaise features a sturdy base with clean, simple lines for an unobtrusive design. The main difference between this chaise lounge and those from our other collections is the curved headrest with five slats comprising the comfortable backrest. A spacious seat width of 20” and a seat height of 12” creates the ideal conditions for a pleasant afternoon nap.

When you wake up, sip some lemonade resting on the coordinating South Beach Side Table outfitted with curved edges to make a versatile accent piece.

grey polywood outdoor chaise lounge

Long Island Chaise

white polywood chaise lounge on beach

Similar in style to the South Beach Chaise, the Long Island Chaise switches up the design of the backrest for the signature four-slatted Long Island Collection aesthetic to give your outdoor furniture the look of a poolside retreat. The seat width and height of this particular chaise lounge are identical to the measurements of the South Beach Chaise.

green polywood chaise lounge
Pair with a Long Island Side Table, which features a simple four-slat surface design, so you’ll have a resting spot for your iced tea within arm’s reach.

Nautical Chaise

The spacious Nautical Chaise is also available with arms and is a couple of inches taller than other options like the South Beach and Long Island Chaises. This style also features a wider seat for ultimate leisure.

2 tan polywood chaise lounges
Nautical Chaise   |   Nautical Chaise with Arms
2 polywood grey outdoor chaise lounges
Nautical Chaise with Wheels   |   Nautical Chaise with Arms & Wheels

polywood white outdoor chaise lounge in grass

The Nautical Chaise with Wheels adds movability to this best-selling chaise lounge, allowing you to reposition or store it by simply lifting the footrest. If you prefer an armrest, you can also order a Nautical Chaise with Arms & Wheels — this particular style enables you to fully customize your outdoor chaise lounges. Accessorize your space with a Nautical Side Table to conveniently rest drinks, snacks, or the latest page-turner.

stackable outdoor chaise lounges

Captain Chaise

polywood brown outdoor chaise lounge

This slatted chaise sits closer to the ground and offers more width and seat length for taller individuals. The Captain Chaise is modeled after classic 20th-century chaises found on prominent yacht decks, creating a strong impression without overbearing design elements.

Signature Chaise with Wheels

3 brown polywood chaise lounges by pool

Curved edges, lasting support, and a fully adjustable backrest define the Signature Chaise with Wheels. The comfy casual look of this classic slatted chaise is complemented by wheels that allow you to transition from watching the kids in the yard to lounging by the pool with little effort.

polywood black outdoor chaise lounge by pool

Euro Chaise

3 polywood outdoor chaise lounges by pool

Our modern outdoor chaise lounges showcase contemporary minimalism while focusing on prolonged comfort. The Euro Chaise includes more slats, a generous 23” seat width, and less open space between each slat along with gently curving backrests and seats. This design will fit right into any sleek, updated outdoor area.

polywood outdoor chaise lounge

Bayline Chaise

green polywood outdoor chaise lounge

Equal parts style and comfort, the Bayline Chaise provides a sleek contemporary look for any patio or deck. The combination of a durable aluminum frame and high-quality woven, fast-drying Phifertex® sling fabric ensures this outdoor chaise lounge will resist fading, tearing, and mildew.

Coastal Chaise

polywood coastal outdoor chaise lounge on deck

The Coastal Wheeled Chaise also utilizes a breathable Phifertex® fabric sling for optimal comfort. Take advantage of the included wheels to position your outdoor chaise lounge wherever the sun is most radiant. The POLYWOOD® lumber frame is larger, heavier, and more detailed than the aluminum frame of the Bayline Chaise.

polywood chaise lounge with whieels

Create a perfect hideaway for two by ordering a 3-Piece Chaise Set complete with two outdoor chaise lounges and a matching side table, available in Nautical, Coastal, Long Island, and South Beach Collections. Customize your lounge furniture with additional comfort items like a chaise cushion or a throw pillow when you really want to catch some z’s while also catching some rays.

3 polywood outdoor chaise lounges by lake

What POLYWOOD chaise lounge is the right match for your home? Sound off in the comments!

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