Exploring 7 Different Farmhouse Styles

Originally Published on January 25, 2019. Last Updated on June 12, 2024.

Are you a new homeowner with a clean slate for your outdoor space? Or perhaps you’re just about to start planning a front porch remodeling project and you’re daydreaming about the right theme? If you’ve landed on farmhouse style as the future look for your outdoor space, know that we wholeheartedly support this decision. 

What is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style prioritizes comfort and practicality. Spaces decorated in this way offer an effortless balance of new and nostalgic, cozy and uncluttered. This soul-soothing style appeals to homeowners because, in a way, it takes us to our happy place, meeting our need for calm surroundings and stress-free functionality. 

Soft neutral colors, rough-hewn textures, natural or unfinished wood, and repurposed pieces define the overall farmhouse design style. However, there are several farmhouse-adjacent styles with noticeable nuances that set each of them apart.

7 Different Types of Farmhouse Styles

So, what are the different types of farmhouse styles? Here’s a breakdown of the offshoots so you can get to know each one and pick your favorite farmhouse motif.

Rustic Farmhouse

Vibes: all-natural

Elements: bare wood • dark earthy neutrals • repurposed decor

Design Details: Wood is the star of this theme. Rustic farmhouse style emphasizes function over form, with wood trim and decor dominating (but not overpowering) the space. Complementary vintage finds are sprinkled in, often getting repurposed in unexpected ways.

This style is where DIYers shine. Bringing new life to thrift-shop treasures and hand-me-down pieces are standard practices with the rustic farmhouse style. Affix an old wooden ladder to your covered porch ceiling for a charming spot to hang planters or lights. Don’t toss out those jelly jars—stick tea lights in them to create ambient lighting you can easily place on tables, going up the front steps, etc.


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Scandinavian Farmhouse

Vibes: nature-centric 

Elements: plants • multiple textures • a mix of light and dark neutrals

Design Details: A hybrid of modern Scandinavian design and farmhouse style, where nature and minimalism are in the driver’s seat. This theme looks clean, cohesive, and intentional, blending simple shapes with wood elements and pops of color from greenery.

If you want this look for your outdoors, head to your local garden center and pick out plants that thrive in containers. Seek Nordic-inspired decor that features symmetrical shapes such as round or square earthen planters for your new plants, and style them around the outskirts of a sleek, laid-back outdoor furniture set. Pull the look together with a diamond-patterned outdoor area rug.

Scandinavian Farmhouse Styling

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French Farmhouse

Vibes: dramatic 

Elements: muted pastels • ornate metal accents • rustic wooden pieces

Design Details: Pretty and provincial, the French Farmhouse style allows a bit of drama to dapple itself among the design details. Also called “Country Farmhouse,” this motif leans toward the antique with distressed wooden tables paired with plush seating, gilded accents, and curvy decor that’s just at the edge of whimsical.

Bring this romantic style to your space by starting at the bottom with an ornate outdoor area rug. Choose a spacious deep seating set in warm, creamy neutrals, and add pops of color with patterned throw pillows and blankets. Let the lighting add the dramatic flair you’re hoping for: metal wall sconces, candle pillars, or—dare we say—a crystal chandelier hanging above it all?

French Farmhouse Styling

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Modern Farmhouse

Vibes: minimalistic

Elements: few details • clean lines • light neutrals • wood and metal accents

Design Details: Modern farmhouse style was made famous by the HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines when Fixer Upper first aired. The style declutters spaces, leaving behind a few warm comfort-centric details, then modernizes them with clean lines, a light neutral palette, and wood and metal accents. 

Create this look for your outdoors with furniture in bold, monochromatic colors. White walls with contrasting black and natural wood accents make a refreshing backdrop. For your decor, sticking to just a few—like a pair of boxwood shrubs in geometric planters, for example—lets you stay in the minimalist mindset.

Modern Farmhouse Styling

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Coastal Farmhouse

Vibes: nautical-inspired

Elements: sun-bleached wood • bold patterns • soft neutrals • varying shades of blue and green

Design Details: Taking design elements from the country and the coast, this style hints at a chill-yet-charming lifestyle. The light color palette makes spaces feel more open, and then distressed wood and a mix of textures and patterns set this style apart. 

Bring this breezy style to your space by selecting larger pieces like sofas and chairs in light neutrals and sun-washed wood, then incorporate decor in oceanic blues, greens, and greys. Throw pillows, blankets, and an area rug sporting bold patterns are unexpected ways to add nautical notes.

Coastal Farmhouse Styling

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Industrial Farmhouse

Vibes: edgy

Elements: unfinished wood • metal accents • brick walls • darker neutrals

Design Details: This style is all about balance and openness. Cool metal contrasts with warm wood; hard brick and concrete surfaces are softened by a calm color palette. Exposed beams, pipes, walls, light fixtures—this style has nothing to hide. 

Creating an industrial farmhouse space is simple. To be as authentic as possible, look for pieces made from reclaimed wood and metal that once belonged in a factory. Deck out your outdoor dining room with a large distressed wooden table surrounded by steel-legged dining chairs with wrought iron pendant lights dangling overhead. Open shelves fashioned from pipes and wood planks, concrete countertops, and sleek counter-height chairs in dark greys and browns set the scene for an open-air industrial farmhouse kitchen.


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Colonial Farmhouse

Vibes: traditional

Elements: vintage pieces • wood and stone surfaces • straight lines • minimal details

Design Details: This traditional theme leans into history by incorporating era-inspired pieces, a mix of painted and exposed wooden surfaces, and a few antique accents. Colonial farmhouse style offers a clean-cut charm that’s approachable, inviting, and impressive.

It’s important to note that some treasures, such as primitive benches and wooden rocking chairs, need extra upkeep. Try an alternative furniture option that offers a classic look but is made using durable materials that can handle outdoor elements. A vintage-style outdoor area rug, wrought iron wall lanterns, and wooden decor in dark finishes let you complete the look.

Colonial Farmhouse Styling

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Is farmhouse decor out of style?

Farmhouse decor is not out of style due to its approachable and open-ended nature. Fresh twists on this design trend keep it alive. As long as designers keep working their magic, this style is here to stay. 

Why is farmhouse style so popular?

Farmhouse style is popular because the theme is warm, welcoming, and family-oriented. Many homeowners want to infuse these three elements into their indoor and outdoor spaces. The motif is also a creative outlet for antiquers and DIYers, giving them a chance to hunt for treasures and try creative decor ideas to bring new life to pre-loved pieces.

Where did farmhouse style come from?

Traditional farmhouse style originated from practicality. Farmers built their homes using materials available to them and repurposing items where necessary. Think stones found in their fields and wood from trees on their land. There was minimal decor simply because families spent most of their days working outside and didn’t have the time—or money— to decorate. This didn’t mean their homes were stark and cold. Spaces were typically warm and cozy—a welcoming place to rest, relax, and enjoy a hot meal after a long workday.

Can I create farmhouse style on a budget?

Yes, farmhouse style emphasizes practicality, not frivolity. Creating this look in your outdoor space can be incredibly easy and inexpensive. Pinterest has thousands of budget-friendly DIY projects that allow you to create classic farmhouse home decor (often with materials you already have around your house), or you can seek rustic treasures at thrift shops and flea markets.

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