Comparing Outdoor Benches & Gliders

Originally Published on November 21, 2018. Last Updated on February 27, 2024.

Outdoor benches and gliders are a logical addition to any walking path, garden, or porch. They break up the space and add a functional resting place to where you can sit and chat with a friend or admire the scenery. Many families buy wider seating options to create conversation spaces and outdoor escapes where they can cuddle up with those they love. Whatever your reason for investing in garden benches or gliders, we can all agree that deciding on the style can be tricky.

Below we break down the main style, size, and feature differences of our outdoor benches and gliders so you can upgrade your garden or yard with confidence. All of our benches and gliders and constructed from POLYWOOD lumber that won’t splinter, crack, chip, or rot even when exposed to the elements.

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Traditional Garden
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Country Living

POLYWOOD Country Living 60" Garden Bench - 24.19"D x 60.5"W x 35"H

This special collection is brought to you in partnership with Country Living, a collaboration that marries our shared love of front porch living. If you’re looking for something that endures, both in style and quality, these garden benches and porch sets are great options.  

Traditional in style and comfortable by design, the benches set a lovely scene to slow down and reconnect with loved ones. The top rails and front aprons have beautifully curved compositions, met by vertical back slats and contoured seats.

Country Living Legacy Rocking Chair 4-Piece Porch Set

Country Living Rocking Chair 4-Piece Porch Set


Country Living 48″ Garden Bench


Classic Adirondack

If you like the vacation vibes and casual appeal of our Classic Adirondacks, you’re going to love these. These benches and gliders are designed with the same contoured seats, tall backrests, and wide armrests, but with options to sit next to someone and/or enjoy an easy, breezy motion. 

All of these options offer a more upright sit than traditional Adirondacks, meaning they’re higher off the ground and the seat is less  slanted. In other words, those with limited mobility can enjoy that summers-at-the-lake style that Adirondacks are known for. 

  PRO TIP:  
(Pair the glider with a coordinating ottoman for the best place to sway your worries away.)

POLYWOOD Classic Adirondack Glider Chair
Classic Adirondack Glider Chair

POLYWOOD Classic Adirondack Glider Ottoman
Classic Adirondack Glider Ottoman

POLYWOOD Classic Adirondack 48" Bench
Classic Adirondack 48″ Bench


Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie

Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie 60” Garden Bench - 23.14"D x 59.43"W x 34.95"H

Brought to you in partnership with Martha Stewart, this collection instantly elevates outdoor living. Decidedly traditional and undoubtedly charming, the chinoiserie-inspired styling is emphasized on graceful lines and intricate latticework. 

These three seating options charm in any setting, whether it’s a glass of wine on the porch or conversations in your garden. They were, after all, inspired by Martha’s love of entertaining.

Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie 48” Garden Bench
Chinoiserie 48” Garden Bench

Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie 48” Outdoor Glider
Chinoiserie 48” Glider


Traditional Garden

POLYWOOD Traditional Garden 48" Bench - 24.25"D x 47.5"W x 35"H

The benches and gliders from our Traditional Garden Collection were inspired by seating found in gardens around the world. A classic yet clean collection, it styles a space without overpowering the beauty of its natural surroundings. 

POLYWOOD Traditional Garden 48" Glider
Traditional Garden 48″ Glider

POLYWOOD Traditional Garden 48" Backless Bench
Traditional Garden 48″ Backless Bench



POLYWOOD Vineyard 48" Bench - 24"D x 48.5"W x 35.25"H

Offering a range of silhouettes, the Vineyard Collection is one of our most versatile. From classic slat-rail backrests to refined Adirondack forms, everything has been curated to mix, match, and make your space feel perfectly pulled together.

This collection is traditional and timeless, elegant but unpretentious. You’ll love these styles now, you’ll love them forever. Cheers to that.

POLYWOOD Vineyard 60" Bench
Vineyard 60″ Bench

POLYWOOD Vineyard 60" Bench
Vineyard 48″ Adirondack Bench

Vineyard 5-Piece Bench & Rocking Chair Set



POLYWOOD Chippendale 48" Glider - 24.25"D x 47.5"W x 34"H

Always in season and forever in style, our Chippendale Collection is all about subtle sophistication. These pieces, which are inspired by 18th-century pieces from England, bring classic beauty to any garden, patio, porch, or deck with stunning lattice details.

While the term Chippendale traditionally describes dark wooden furniture, our collection is built with low-maintenance materials engineered for outdoor use, and it’s available in a range of fade-resistant colors.

POLYWOOD Chippendale 48" Bench
Chippendale 48″ Bench

POLYWOOD Rockford 72" Chippendale Bench
Rockford 72″ Chippendale Bench


More Benches

POLYWOOD Farmhouse Trestle 65" Bench - 14"D x 65"W x 17"H

Still looking for something to best fit your space? We also have backless dining benches, park-inspired styles, and more.

POLYWOOD Nautical 48" Outdoor Bench
Nautical 48″ Bench

POLYWOOD Rustic Farmhouse 60" Backless Bench
Rustic Farmhouse 60″ Backless Bench

POLYWOOD Park 48" Bench
Park 48″ Bench

POLYWOOD Rockford 48" Bench
Rockford 48″ Bench

Parsons 60” Bench

Lakeside 48" Bench
Lakeside 48″ Bench

Were you able to choose the right POLYWOOD bench or glider for your space? Share your story below!

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