Garden Ideas for 3 Sizes of Outdoor Spaces

Originally Published on September 25, 2019. Last Updated on February 17, 2023.

Any bit of earth can be transformed into an elegant outdoor retreat, no matter the size of your potential garden. You may assume that turning a sprawling backyard into a respectable garden is difficult, but wrapping your head around the possibilities of a tiny space and maximizing utility can prove even more challenging.

Below are our favorite ideas for choosing outdoor living furniture and creating relaxing, timeless gardens in small, medium, and large spaces.

Small Garden Ideas

For cozy gardens along a walking path, on the side of your home, or between two apartment buildings the adage is “less is more.” Limit the types and number of plants you will use so your garden is functional and cohesive. Crowding your garden and limiting walking or sitting space will create stress instead of tranquility.

Add Space With These Two Tricks:

1 — Raised beds

When you simply don’t have room for a garden plot you can construct a waist-high container garden to take advantage of the space you have. Based on your needs you could construct a DIY container garden with space underneath for pots, supplies, and tools. If seating is going to be limited you can choose raised beds with low walls that double as seating when you have guests over.

2 — Vertical planters

Handmade vertical planters allow you to plant columns of your favorite flowers, shrubs, and vines instead of just one plant in a patch of dirt. If you decide to erect an entire vertical planter wall the structure can double as a privacy wall to protect your family from prying eyes.

Small Garden Furniture Ideas

When selecting outdoor garden furniture for a small space you’ll likely only have room for one central piece like a bench. Whether you’ve planted a small veggie garden or strewn hanging plants along your fence walls — choose a durable, weatherproof garden seating option that complements your choice of plants and design elements.

Traditional Garden 48″ Backless Bench

An option as simple as a Traditional Garden 48” Backless Bench will provide contoured support without encroaching on the view of all your hard work. For additional back support upgrade to a casual and cozy Chippendale Glider — you’ll be swept away by the gentle motion among a splash of comforting greenery.

Chippendale Glider

Medium Garden Ideas

When you have a medium-sized garden space in a full backyard you can create a themed experience by artfully mixing garden and landscape elements. To stay on track choose a central theme to inform your choice of patio furniture, plants, and decorative elements.

Themes for Your Garden:

Entertaining Garden

If you plan to dine al fresco your outdoor space should have a clearing where you can situate a dining set or fire pit table set. Radiate your selection of plants and flowers outward in a panoramic view from the main entertaining area to have a stunning vista to enjoy in between s’mores or cocktails.  

Round 48″ Fire Pit Table


Evening Garden

If you’re stuck inside the office all day consider planting a garden where you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the stars at night. Build around a simple seating area surrounded by pale-shade flowers, silver foliage, and plenty of florals to blend a variety of scents in the evening air.

Sustainable Garden

A sustainable garden is relatively easy to accomplish in a medium-sized space, and does wonders for the environment and for your personal satisfaction. Lay a strong foundation with compost for soil fertility, then assess your climate to select a variety of native and non-native plants that will attract beneficial bugs and birds to your garden. A sustainable garden is great to provide structure to a wide open space.

Medium Garden Furniture Ideas

Without spatial restraints you can choose a set of outdoor furniture that will let allow you to relax and marvel at your handiwork after a morning of pruning and weeding your plants.

Outdoor living furniture like our Braxton 4-Piece Deep Seating Set is a lovely addition to the lounge area of an outdoor garden, providing a plush retreat where you can watch the sunset or share a fresh batch of cookies with the kids.

Braxton 4-Piece Deep Seating Set

Large Garden Ideas

If you have a great deal of property you may find yourself overwhelmed as to how to fill an oversized landscape. First begin by creating distinct areas for multiple functions. While some parts can be traditional gardens, others can be larger landscaping elements and fully-realized outdoor living rooms and entertainment spaces for guests.

Zone Your Garden

Start with a plan to ensure your large garden is cohesive — measure your space and decide what is most important to you.

Zone ideas include:

Fruits & Veggies

Grow your own fruits and vegetables in a separate section of the garden where you can experiment with new crops every season. Your focus and choices in this zone will inform nearby zones as well, creating an environment where your strawberries, carrots, or tomatoes can flourish.

Garden Path

Paths break up large expanses of landscaping and add shape to bigger gardens. Line a stone path with fragrant flowers and occasional statement pieces guests can admire.

Outdoor Theater

Placing this zone in the middle of a yard creates a natural shape, pushing plants and landscaping elements to the boundaries of the yard. Set up an outdoor theater and fit your entire family in a comfortable Vineyard 6-Piece Deep Seating Set.

Vineyard 6-Piece Deep Seating Set

Wildlife Sanctuary

In this zone nurture plants that will attract bugs, birds, and butterflies to fill your garden with life. Grow wildflowers to entice butterflies and bees, plant a hedge to shelter the garden and serve as a nesting area for small animals, and put up a nesting box to encourage birds to breed.

Torn on what outdoor furniture choices will create a sensible contemporary style while still providing all the luxuries of premium, durable furniture? Check out our Get Inspired page for ideas.

How are you going to design your home garden? Let us know where you landed in the comments.

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