How to Design an Entry Patio or Porch

When designing your dream home you probably spend a good deal of time perfecting your living room or getting as many appliances as you can into the kitchen. But your entry patio or porch is everyone’s first impression of your home, and to set the right tone for your house you should carefully consider your furniture and design elements.

When It Comes to your Patio or Porch, Dream Big

Think of your entry patio as a grand opportunity — you get to put your stamp on your house! Before you decide what furniture to include in your entryway, keep in mind that your patio or porch should feel inviting. Don’t cramp it with too much furniture; you want room to breathe, and plenty of space to stretch out and relax!

Ask yourself: what do I want out of my patio? A relaxing place to sip a glass of lemonade and watch the clouds roll by? Or an outdoor retreat where the kids can frolic on a sunny day? Deciding the primary function of your entryway makes the rest of the process easier.

With your entryway space you can:

  • Create a relaxing retreat
  • Build a family gathering spot
  • Simply decorate your porch
  • Reserve a nook for breakfasts or drinks

Assess Your Space

Dig that measuring tape out of your garage — you’ll want to do a complete assessment of your entryway to see how many furniture pieces will comfortably fit without crowding the space. The key is to maximize utility and fill part of the space without going overboard.

If you have a standard front porch, standard Adirondack chairs are a little wider to fill out your space with just a few pieces. For example, you could add dimension to your porch with a coastal South Beach Adirondack Set. Bring out the accents in your home by going with a colorful finish that contrasts with your walls and siding.

South Beach Adirondack Set
South Beach Adirondack Set

The surface of your front patio will also determine what type of furniture you decide on. Rocking chairs, for example, require a completely flat surface to function properly. When searching for furniture to fill an outdoor space featuring uneven stone or brick elements steer away from rockers. Instead, you could choose the Classic Adirondack Set — the ottomans allow you to fully stretch out and nap in the afternoon sun.

South Beach Adirondack Set - Classic Adirondack Set
South Beach Adirondack Set  |  Classic Adirondack Set

So you’ve measured your front porch and are now approaching decision time. Let’s go over some viable options based on your space:

  • Deep — If your front porch is deep and spacious then you have the option to go big with a comfy bench set. If you have a flat surface you can pair a Chippendale Glider with a rocking chair to allow peaceful movement. Or surround your Chippendale Glider with some matching chairs or a bench to create an area for games, drinks, or reading.
Chippendale Glider Chippendale Garden Arm Chair Club Coffee Table
Chippendale Glider   |  Chippendale Garden Arm Chair  |  Club 18″ Side Table  |  Club Coffee Table

Want to emulate your favorite beach? Fill out your porch with some Captain Chaise Lounges to create a sunbathing station!

Captain Chaise Lounges
Captain Chaise Lounges
  • Narrow — When you have less depth or width to work with consider choosing a timeless rocker. Our Presidential Rocker has a timeless look and works well in tight spaces. Plus, you can leave them exposed to the elements all year-round — genuine POLYWOOD lumber won’t splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot.
Presidential Rocker
Presidential Rocker
  • Expansive — Not quite sure what to do with all that space? A huge order isn’t necessary. Your porch will feel full with a couple of Jefferson Woven Rockers and coordinating side tables lining the entryway. If your front porch or patio is covered, you can add additional baskets for blankets and pillows.
Jefferson Woven Rocking Chair
Jefferson Woven Rocking Chair | Two Shelf Side Table
  • Minimal Space -— with small quarters the best choice is to go for a single statement piece. In a spot near greenery, a Vineyard Bench keeps the outdoors aesthetic alive while providing seating for two. Another smart choice is a single Club Chair with a matching Side Table where you can enjoy your evening tea or get lost in the latest mystery novel.
    Vineyard 48" Bench
    Vineyard 48″ Bench

Gather Inspiration

Once you’ve taken your measurements and decided what type of furniture you want for your space, it’s time to dig in and do some research! Conceptualizing your entryway can be very difficult without a visual guide, so turn to websites like Pinterest to gather some ideas for spacing, themes, colors, and more.

Here are a few looks we pulled together to get you started:

PolyWood Porch Inspiration
POLYWOOD Porch Inspiration

Top Furniture Picks for Entry Patios and Porches

When you’ve made up your mind and are ready to move forward with your entry patio or porch design, don’t be thrown off by how many choices you have on our website alone. Based on your budget, these are some terrific options for each type of furniture:

Adirondack Chairs

  • Good — You can’t go wrong with our classic and affordable Adirondack chairs, which offer superior durability and Color-Stay Technology at a price point any family can appreciate. Choose between Vineyard, Nautical, and Modern styles for your patio.
Vineyard  |  Nautical  |  Modern
  • Better — The Curveback Series features curved back slats and a waterfall front for added comfort. Spend a lazy afternoon in your Adirondack chair without ever moving a muscle. We recommend the same three styles: the Vineyard, Nautical, and Modern.
Vineyard  |  Nautical  |  Modern
Vineyard  |  Nautical  |  Modern
  • Best — Seeking the ultimate comfort for your porch or patio? The Palm Coast Ultimate Adirondack features a hideaway ottoman to make your relaxation spot that much more convenient. The disappearing ottoman lends an extra level of style and class to our standard chairs.
Palm Coast Adirondack
Palm Coast Ultimate Adirondack with Hideaway Ottoman

Rocking Chairs

  • Good — The weather-resistant Presidential Rocker will maintain its integrity and color for years in your outdoor space. Pair your rocker with a seat cushion for added support, especially if you’re known to idly enjoy your patio for hours at a time.
  • Better — The unique detailing and the woven seat and back of the Jefferson Woven Rocker make it a favorite. Choose between a variety of attractive, fade-resistant colors, and then tell your grandchildren you crafted the rocker yourself!

  • Best — The Vineyard Deep Seating Rocking Chair boasts supportive seat cushions, soft buttoned back pillows, and durable all-weather performance fabric to make it the cream of the crop. Doze off after your morning breakfast in this extremely cozy rocker.
    Presidential RockerJefferson Woven Rocker Vineyard Deep Seating Rocking Chair


When opting for benches in your entryway you can’t get more comfortable than the signature Vineyard Adirondack Bench. The waterfall front delivers optimal comfort behind your knees, and the curved seat takes the pressure off of your back so you don’t feel achy after spending all afternoon relaxed on a bench.

Vineyard Adirondack Bench


With gliders, any option can be considered the “best” choice. The relaxing motion and contoured support of our Traditional Garden Glider or Chippendale Glider will lull you into a peaceful state of tranquility. That is until the kids come running outside!


Watch the sunset or rock your kids to sleep in style with our popular Vineyard 60″ Porch Swing. For a smaller loveseat-style swing, go for the Nautical 48″ Swing. Don’t forget to pair your swing with a seat cushion that’s covered in all-weather performance fabric.

Vineyard Adirondack BenchTraditional Garden Glider Vineyard Deep Seating Swing

Design Tips

While you’re building your ideal entry patio or porch, keep these pro tips in mind to choose the best POLYWOOD outdoor furniture:

  • When designing your patio or porch, establish a clear focal point. This could be your doorway, or it could be something as small as a vibrant throw pillow placed on a rocker. Ground your design in a central piece so all other decisions support that focal point.
  • Add in a splash of color somewhere in your entryway. If you choose neutral tones for your POLYWOOD furniture, maybe order bright cushions. Other items that can add a pop of color to your porch include rugs, plant containers, or even painting the front door a vivid hue.

  • Don’t fight the architecture of your house, or your outdoor spaces will feel out of place. Build off of the materials, colors, and architectural design of your house to make your patio or porch feel like a natural extension of your home.
  • Your furniture is just a starting point. Accessorize with rugs, ottomans, cushions, pillows, and throws so you can transform a standard outdoor area into a cozy retreat where your entire family can unwind. Invest in some simple storage pieces for throw pillows and blankets. While POLYWOOD furniture and our outdoor cushions will withstand weather and maintain color, less durable items should be stored when not in use.

We hope you now have a plan of attack for designing your porch or patio. Has this article left you wanting more expert advice? Feel free to email us at to discuss your plans for your outdoor entryway. We’ll work with you to determine what POLYWOOD furniture items will bring out the best in your space.

Blog Post Update May 17, 2021

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