How to Integrate a POLYWOOD Fire Pit Table Into Your Space

Originally Published on May 31, 2018. Last Updated on November 21, 2023.

Coax your kids from the glow of their tablet screens to the natural glow of a burning fire in the comfort of your backyard. What’s better than relaxing by the fire, roasting marshmallows, or telling ghost stories just steps away from the house? It’s the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories and unplug as a family.

Once you’re ready to choose the perfect fire centerpiece for your space, the number of options can become overwhelming. That’s where we come in! Using the latest technology and our durable and dependable genuine POLYWOOD lumber, we’ve designed our POLYWOOD Fire Pit Tables as the ultimate safe and hassle-free outdoor fire experience. 

Fire Pit Tables vs. Fire Pits

A fair question to ask before deciding what to do in your own space is, “Why would I purchase a POLYWOOD Fire Pit Table instead of a traditional fire pit?”

Fire pits feature fewer parts and weigh less than a fire pit table. However, fire pit tables come with many distinct advantages:

  • Fire pits require more hands-on maintenance in order to keep a fire burning. After a few months with a fire pit, you may be yearning for a time when you don’t need to chop firewood every week.
  • A POLYWOOD Fire Pit Tables grant complete control over flame heights at all times, meaning they are safer for children and for pets. If you have a large family, a fire pit table removes many potential fire hazards so you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones.

  • You won’t have to clean a fire pit table as often — the clear glass gems used in our fire tables don’t create soot, dirt, or ashes!
  • You won’t have to worry about anyone sitting in the path of smoke like traditional fire pits because our fire pit tables don’t create smoke.
  • Fire pit tables offer plenty of room to enjoy the fire and offer tabletop space for your favorite drinks and snacks. With a fire pit, you have to put your hot cocoa and peppermint bark on the ground or in your lap.
  • Our fire pit tables can withstand the environment of coastal areas. If you live by the ocean, a fire pit table is a wise investment: we’ve designed each table so there’s no exposed hardware that can rust due to salt spray.

Fire Pit Table FAQs

Before you take the plunge, we’re sure you have a few more questions:

I have a wood deck – is it safe to keep a POLYWOOD Fire Pit Table there? Absolutely! Our fire pit tables are constructed from extremely safe materials, and should not present any hazards on a wood or composite deck, concrete patio, grass, or any other surface if instructions are properly followed.

Can I keep my fire pit table outside year-round? Yes! Our fire pit tables are durable and weather-resistant, so you can keep your fire pit tables functional all winter (and year) long. However, we do recommend that you cover the fire pit table when not in use so that any unwanted debris doesn’t build up in the burner bowl.

What happens if it rains? If you know it’s going to rain you should cover your fire pit table, but if you are caught by surprise there is no need to panic. Rainwater will naturally drain out of the burner bowl.

Can I cook s’mores? Perhaps the most important question! You can definitely roast marshmallows for s’mores using a fire pit table. But note that the fire pit table was designed as a decorative appliance, not one for cooking. So if any drips occur simply clean them up once everything has cooled down.

What safety measures should I take? Our fire pit tables come with a glass wind guard which should be kept in place during use. This will prevent the flames from reaching you during blustery, windy days. The wind guard will also protect your children and pets from getting too close.

How long can I keep a fire going? Your propane tank should last about eight hours when burning on high, and up to 16 to 20 hours when burning on low.

Are the glass gems going to melt? Nope! We use heat-tempered and tumbled glass gems made specifically for fire use. The beautiful reflective surface will withstand high temperatures without melting, burning, or experiencing discoloration.

Incorporating a Fire Pit Table With Your Existing POLYWOOD Furniture

If you already own POLYWOOD outdoor furniture you can easily add a fire pit table to your deck or patio.

Round Fire Table: Seats 4-6

The larger fire pit table we offer can comfortably fit four to six Adirondack chairs around it while leaving enough space to freely move around. You don’t want to be cramped when sitting around a fire pit table, but this option gives six people more than enough room to soak in the splendor of the fire and store their food and drinks on the table.

Nautical Fire Pit Table or Square Fire Pit Table: Seats 4

For aesthetic purposes and ease of use limit these two fire tables to four Adirondack or Deep Seating chairs. Remember that the space around your fire pit table should not be crowded. Each person should be able to easily stand and navigate around their chair without anyone else moving to limit the risk of someone tripping or falling near the fire pit table.

Furniture Pairings

When choosing outdoor furniture that can last for years it’s best to work from a template. Luckily for you, we’ve already chosen our top POLYWOOD outdoor furniture to go with your choice of fire pit table.

Round Fire Pit Table Sets

Round 48″ Fire Pit Table

With this style of table, you’ll have the opportunity for more seating space and a look anchored in the classic POLYWOOD style. Surround a POLYWOOD Round Fire Pit Table with either Classic Adirondack Chairs or Vineyard Adirondack Chairs. Both seating options deliver casual comfort with a contoured seat and classic back.

Classic Folding Adirondack 6-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table
Vineyard Adirondack 6-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Want to really kick back and relax? Go with our favorite deep seating option with the Round Fire Pit Table: the dependable Club Chair. With four of these gathered around your fire pit table the conversation will flow as easily as in your living room or den.

Club 5-Piece Conversation Set

Nautical Fire Pit Table Sets

Nautical 42″ Fire Pit Table

This particular fire pit table features a square tabletop with slightly rounded corners. Keep your outdoor furniture effortlessly consistent by ordering some Nautical Curveback Adirondack Chairs. The spacious chairs feature a sleek leg profile and fan back design to complement any seaside or beach-themed elements near your fire pit table.

Nautical Curveback Adirondack 5-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Table

If you’re planning to host plenty of margarita nights or fireside chats you may want more room to settle in and see the stars. In that case, a smart pairing would be the Vineyard Deep Seating Chairs. The cozy pillow back cushions covered in durable all-weather performance fabric provide the perfect spot for taking in the fire.

Vineyard 5-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Square Fire Pit Table Sets

Square 42″ Fire Pit Table

The sleek, contemporary design of the Square Fire Pit Table is meant for modern homes. When choosing your seating options that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice comfort — the Modern Curveback Adirondack Chair blends style and comfort so you can stick to your design wheelhouse and still spend hours reading your favorite book by firelight.

Modern Curveback Adirondack 5-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Curl up and stay awhile in a plush Harbour Deep Seating Chair that boasts modern lines to match the Square Fire Pit Table. You can safely put four of these luxurious chairs around your fire pit table and still have plenty of space left to freely walk about or stand by the fire. Dive into those nightlong meaningful conversations from the comfort of a deep seating chair.

Harbour 5-Piece Chat Set

Create Your Own Fire Pit Table Set

Of course, these are just starting points — with an eye for design and a passion for stamping a space with your personality you can make any of our outdoor seating options look terrific in your home! Get creative and explore other pairings within our POLYWOOD furniture collections.

Shop all Adirondack Chairs  |  Shop all Deep Seating Chairs

Spring Cleaning Instructions

Once you’ve put your fire pit table through a fair amount of use, it’s time to scrub and clean to ensure it looks pristine! Follow these simple instructions to clean your fire pit table:

  • Genuine POLYWOOD Lumber: Our low maintenance HDPE lumber makes cleaning POLYWOOD furniture and appliances a breeze. To clean your fire pit table, first remove the wind guard and the burner bowl along with the glass gems inside.
    • Depending on how thorough of a clean you need, check out our instructions for a quick clean to a high-power clean.

  • Clear Glass Gems: As with any outdoor item, eventually the clear glass gems may display a buildup of dust and dirt. Wait until the glass gems are completely cool (several hours after using your fire table) and scoop them out. Wash with a mixture of warm water and mild dish detergent. Rinse completely before placing the glass gems back in the burner bowl.

  • Glass Wind Guard: No secret here — wash the wind guard as you would any other glass surface. We recommend a gentle scrubbing with soap and water before a thorough rinse.

We know you’re probably itching to outfit your outdoor area with a POLYWOOD Fire Pit Table. If you have any questions that weren’t cleared up here feel free to call us at (855) 935-5550 or shoot us an email at Work with one of our customer care experts to decide which fire pit table is the perfect fit for your outdoor space! 

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  1. Very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog. Your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your interest in our fire pit tables. The fire isn’t necessarily hotter without the guard, the guard keeps the flames from damaging the
      POLYWOOD® lumber.

  2. Could I use this fire pit under a screened area? Under an arbored area? If so, is there a recommended distance between the ceiling and the fire pit?

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks for your questions! According to The Outdoor Greatroom’s website (they’re our supplier of the fire unit):

      “The unit itself is not UL approved for use in screened porches, gazebos, and lanais, but there should not be any problem provided the following guidelines are followed:

      Minimum porch area: 96 sq. ft.
      Minimum ceiling height: 92 in.
      Minimum of two walls must be screened
      Minimum of screen height side walls: 6 ft. 8 in.
      Minimum screen area: 64 sq. ft.”

      Feel free to reach out to The Outdoor Greatroom directly with further questions, or our own Customer Service Team at

  3. Nice blog. It will surely help beginners to choose the best Fire Pit Table. The efforts you have put in to create the posts are quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing you soon in a new post.
    Finding the best propane fire table is not a day’s task. It needs a lot of research to find one matching our requirements regarding safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

  4. yes does the poly firepit put out a lot of hest that you can feel it or is it used mainly for smores or marshmellows

    1. Hi, Mike!

      Great question. The fire pit table puts off enough heat to feel as you sit around the table. You’re also welcome to roast marshmallows to enjoy with smores! We do advise to make sure any residue from the food is cleaned off the gems/burner as it will clog the burner ports and prevent a proper burn. I hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.

      Have a great day!

  5. Fire Pit Question:

    Are there any issues converting to natural gas? Can the pit be mounted to the deck?

    1. Hi John Keith,

      Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions! The fire pit table components will be sent with the tubing for propane, but the orifice for natural gas will be sent and can easily be switched out. You will receive a manual with instructions on how to do this with the table.

      We don’t recommend that the fire pit table be mounted. It is heavy enough that it shouldn’t move once you have it in place.


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