Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Cabin

You’ve made your dream a reality by finishing construction on your private cabin in the heart of the woods. Anticipating weekly trips out to your secluded retreat, you begin to teach your kids the finer details of fishing. You head to the outdoor depot to load up on equipment, gear, and new duds. But don’t put the cart before the horse. To properly enjoy your … Continue reading Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Cabin

Outdoor Table Decoration Perfection

When we’re styling our dining photos we like to pretend we’re actually throwing a backyard get-together. We think about how many people will be attending, will we be serving a meal or just appetizers, cloth napkins or paper? There are so many options when you’re pulling a table together (real or pretend!).To help you with your own gatherings, we’ve compiled our favorite tips for setting … Continue reading Outdoor Table Decoration Perfection

Potential Uses for Your Outdoor Space

You’ve cleared out the creaky plastic furniture, planted fresh new landscaping, and transformed your patio into a breathtaking beauty of stone and granite. It’s time for a full-on backyard remodeling project, but a blank slate can prove one of the most intimidating challenges in home design. Once you map out your outdoor space you may find several zones where you can choose to put outdoor … Continue reading Potential Uses for Your Outdoor Space

5 Ideas for Planning a Small Balcony

So you’ve ventured into the heart of a sprawling metropolis to chase your dreams and expand your horizons. The rent is higher, the traffic is louder, and the lawn is smaller. A lot smaller. Many city apartments have no yard space whatsoever, but if you’re lucky you can sign a lease that includes a modest outdoor balcony to decorate and furnish to your liking. Many … Continue reading 5 Ideas for Planning a Small Balcony

Exploring 7 Different Farmhouse Styles

Exploring 7 Different Farmhouse Styles

Are you a new homeowner with a clean slate for your outdoor space? Or perhaps you’re just about to start planning a front porch remodeling project and you’re daydreaming about the right theme? If you’ve landed on farmhouse style as the future look for your outdoor space, know that we wholeheartedly support this decision.  What is Farmhouse Style? Farmhouse style prioritizes comfort and practicality. Spaces … Continue reading Exploring 7 Different Farmhouse Styles

Fall Outdoor Dining Tablescapes

The cooler evenings of fall create the perfect setting for an outdoor candlelit dinner, either with your special someone or with the entire family. Even if you’ve decked out your patio with a full POLYWOOD dining set, the low-maintenance lumber and outdoor cushions covered in all-weather performance fabric need a little more decoration to impress your guests. Creating fall outdoor dining tablescapes is simpler than … Continue reading Fall Outdoor Dining Tablescapes


Furnish Your Outdoor Space: Waterfront

Choosing outdoor furniture is an investment, so how do you make sure it complements your home’s exterior for the long haul? At POLYWOOD, we offer an array of durable furniture in classic colors that will never go out of style. You can easily add some personality with colorful throw pillows and accent pieces — and then change them out when you need an update. But, … Continue reading Furnish Your Outdoor Space: Waterfront

Style My Space Contest: Top 3 Finalists

We asked our followers to submit photos of their outdoor areas for a chance to win POLYWOOD furniture and a custom design for their space. Our three finalists — Zoe, Judy, and Nancy each had a custom mood board designed for their space, and after a round of voting by our followers, the winner is Space #1 Zoe! Check out our curated looks for all … Continue reading Style My Space Contest: Top 3 Finalists

The Complete Guide to Buying an Outdoor Dining Set

Eating alfresco is one of the great joys in life. What could be better than sitting outside on a glorious afternoon or beautiful evening and breaking bread with family and friends? Creating the perfect dining experience is an art — you need marvelous meals, delicious drinks, glorious guests, and fantastic furniture. Although we can’t help when it comes to cooking up a storm in the … Continue reading The Complete Guide to Buying an Outdoor Dining Set