Potential Uses for Your Outdoor Space

Originally Published on May 2, 2019. Last Updated on November 21, 2023.

You’ve cleared out the creaky plastic furniture, planted fresh new landscaping, and transformed your patio into a breathtaking beauty of stone and granite. It’s time for a full-on backyard remodeling project, but a blank slate can prove one of the most intimidating challenges in home design.

Once you map out your outdoor space you may find several zones where you can choose to put outdoor furniture, decorative elements, or features like a fire pit or home theater to bring your outdoor functionality to the next level. But how do you decide what exactly to do with your outdoor space? We’ll help you make the most of your yard by covering popular and useful backyard patio ideas.

Add an Area for Entertaining

Turn your backyard living spaces into the ultimate spot to screen the latest blockbusters. Warmer temperatures in the spring and summer beckon you to be outside. Host your friends and the entire family for outdoor movie screenings by planning an outdoor space for a home theater.

Braxton 7-Piece Deep Seating Set

The most important decision you’ll have to make is whether to install a flat-screen TV outdoors or use a combination of a projector and a standing or inflatable screen. Projectors allow for a larger viewing surface, which makes it possible to seat 20 people in your outdoor space. Outdoor televisions are best for more intimate spaces designed for two to eight people.

Go for casual, spacious comfort with a Braxton 7-Piece Deep Seating Set that features quick-drying, supportive cushions covered in all-weather performance fabric and durable HDPE lumber that won’t crack, split, or chip even when left outside after it’s too cold for evening movie screenings.

Braxton 7-Piece Deep Seating Set

Add a Kitchen

If you dream of hosting a backyard barbecue and love to cook installing an outdoor kitchen is one of the best ideas for outdoor living spaces. Upgrade your area by laying the perfect foundation for brunch, dinner, or day-long grill fest.

There are many design layouts you can choose to situate your grill, bar, counters, sink, and other appliances on your patio or porch. Read our guide on how to plan an outdoor kitchen to learn when to opt for L-shaped, square, rounded, or triangular layouts.

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Before you begin buying fancy appliances and kitchen islands to complete your outdoor cooking area, keep in mind that the materials you choose should be weatherproof and easy to clean. Outdoor appliances that are not covered by an awning, canopy, or roof should be stainless steel so they don’t degrade as temperatures fluctuate. Likewise, counters and bars should be made of stone or brick to resist wear and tear over time.

Vineyard Bar Arm Chair 3-Pack

Create a natural space right in the middle of your outdoor kitchen by ordering sturdy bar- and counter-height chairs. Line two to four chairs along a side counter to serve up your grub straight from the grill. Engineered to be both eye-catching and comfortable, our extensive selection features contemporary takes on the classic counter chair or bar stool design.

Add a Dining Area

One of the most popular functions for large outdoor spaces is a dining area. Dining al fresco allows you to enjoy the simple pleasures of your beautiful backyard, serving guests your latest recipes while relishing the afternoon sun.

Palm Coast 5-Piece Bar Set

To choose the appropriate outdoor dining furniture it’s important to evaluate your needs and your space to make some basic decisions. Ask yourself:

  • How often will I be eating outside?
  • How many people do I anticipate hosting?

A dining area intended for you and your spouse to enjoy a sunrise breakfast will look completely different than a space meant to seat 10 people for Sunday dinner. Get a handle on the size of your patio or deck and measure your space completely. Our in-depth guide helps you plan it out step by step.

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Planning an outdoor dining space involves a delicate balance of function and form. Luckily, POLYWOOD patio dining furniture provides ergonomic comfort, remarkable durability, and a seamless blend of traditional elements and modern aesthetics to fit perfectly into any existing outdoor design. Opt for casual comfort with the Vineyard 6-Piece Rustic Farmhouse Dining Set or relax into the coastal charm of a Nautical Adirondack 7-Piece Trestle Dining Set.

Vineyard 6-Piece Rustic Farmhouse Side Chair Dining Set with Bench
Nautical Adirondack 7-Piece Trestle Dining Set

Add an Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Do you love the smell of leaves on a chilly autumn evening? Cozy up next to a roaring fire pit just steps away from your backyard to swap stories, enjoy your outdoor theater, or roast marshmallows late into the night without getting cold. Incorporate a fire pit table into your outdoor space for warmth and a natural conversation area.

Classic Folding Adirondack 6-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

If you install an outdoor television or use a projector and screen to watch films in your backyard a fire pit table is a perfect backdrop. Situate chairs around the fire pit in a semi-circle facing the screen in order to provide everyone with an optimal view of the movie without getting too far from the heat of the flames.

A POLYWOOD fire pit table gives you complete control over the flame height at all times, making them safer for children and pets. Low-maintenance and hassle-free, our fire pit tables eliminate the constant upkeep and safety issues of other fire pits so you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones.

Round 48″ Fire Pit Table

For added support and lengthy fireside chats consider ordering a Harbour 5-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table — the plush seating makes this set a terrific choice for kids, grandparents, and anyone who wants to stay outside for hours at a time. To seat more people in a casual setting you can go with the Modern Curveback Adirondack 5-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table featuring five of our Classic Adirondack Chairs.

Harbour 5-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table
Modern Curveback Adirondack 5-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Any Option Is the Right Option

No matter how you decide to utilize your outdoor space, you can fill it with high-quality POLYWOOD outdoor furniture that will repel the effects of wear and tear, withstanding harsh weather conditions with just an occasional clean. Choose from vibrant hues, Earth tones, and neutral colors to accentuate your existing decorative elements and landscaping.

Whether you want to plan an outdoor kitchen, a home theater, a dining pavilion, or a fireside escape you can take care of the essentials by ordering outdoor furniture engineered to last a generation. Let us know how POLYWOOD outdoor furniture elevated your latest outdoor remodeling project in the comments below!

To help you plan your space, check out the POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture Planner. We’ll ask you about the size and shape of your space (it won’t take long at all) and then provide you with up to three furniture set results.

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