17 Poolside Furniture and Decor Ideas for Serious Staycation Vibes

Originally Published on April 27, 2023. Last Updated on May 8, 2023.

The best part about having a pool is that it automatically turns your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Whether you’re sunbathing (chilled drink in hand) on a chaise lounge, hosting weekend pool parties, or enjoying a moonlit dip, there are endless ways to unwind.

The right patio furniture, color schemes, and decorations for your pool will instantly enhance these dreamy scenes. If you’re ready to start designing your backyard oasis, dive right into these furniture styles, palette suggestions, and poolside decor ideas.

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Poolside Furniture Ideas
Poolside Color Schemes
Pool Decorating Ideas

Poolside Furniture Ideas

Revel in year-round relaxation by bringing comfortable all-weather furniture to your poolside.

1. Chaise Lounges

POLYWOOD Captain Chaises Poolside, Courtesy of Alyce Lopez, Owner and Principal Designer of The True House
Captain Chaises in Slate Grey/Natural Linen
Photo Credit: Alyce Lopez, Owner and Principal Designer of The True House

With its long seat and adjustable backrest for multiple recline options, the chaise is built for lounging. A quintessential poolside piece, you can lay fully back for a sun-kissed siesta or sit upright to watch the kids play in the water. 

  PRO TIP:  
Some chaise models offer wheels, armrests, and stacking capabilities. Depending on your comfort preferences and storage needs, you may not want to skip these extra features. 

2. Adirondack Chairs

Designed with reclined backs, wide armrests, and slanted seats, Adirondacks are tried-and-true choices for pool decks and patios. We make ours with high-density polyethylene lumber (HDPE), a sustainable material that can withstand UV rays, windy days, and salty climates. We’re constantly innovating this iconic chair, offering styles with curved backrests, folding mechanisms, and hideaway ottomans.

Read the Complete Adirondack Chair buying Guide

3. Dining Sets

Need a designated space for post-swim snacks and moonlit lounging? Seek out an alfresco dining set—a must-have for poolside settings. Pop open a patio umbrella for added style and shade, and choose seat cushions in coordinating colors to add a little something extra. 

  PRO TIP:  
When selecting poolside furniture, look for fade-resistant and waterproof options that can handle repeat sun exposure—and the occasional splash.

4. Deep Seating

POLYWOOD EDGE 4-Piece Modular Deep Seating Set in Black with Dune Burlap Cushions
Featured: EDGE 4-Piece Modular Deep Seating Set in Black/Dune Burlap

With roomy designs and lofty cushions, deep seating lounge furniture turns any poolside space into a five-star resort. If you have ample square footage, a deep seating sectional can be your go-to spot for sunbathing, reading, or cocktail hour with friends. Working with a smaller floor plan? Bring the cozy comforts of indoor furniture outside with two chairs and a side table.

5. Swings

Think beyond the front porch and add a swing to your pool area. Sway into solitude after a busy workweek, or treat it as the perfect snuggle spot for you and your grandkids after swimming. From modern two-seaters to spacious daybed styles, you’re certain to find the perfect swing for your space.

  PRO TIP:  
Hanging swings require a little more time and work to install than other pool furniture, but the end result is worth the effort. We recommend consulting a professional before buying to ensure your pool area is equipped for a swing.

Poolside Color Schemes

Introduce new hues to your swim setting with these color trends.

6. Warm Whites

Design a soft, airy aesthetic for your pool area with layered shades of white. Start with white patio furniture and cream-colored cushions, accenting the surrounding area with light fixtures, ceramics, and rugs in ivory and alabaster hues.

7. Neutral Colors

Let your sparkling blue pool be the pop of color by honing in on a neutral palette. Dark brown furniture, tan cushions, and black accents translate well across multiple styles, from modern to traditional to Tuscan-inspired poolsides. 

8. Rainbow Tones

POLYWOOD Quattro Folding Adirondack in Lime, Modern Adirondack Chair in Navy, Modern Folding Adirondack in Tangerine, and Classic Folding Adirondack Chair in Sunset Red around Round 48" Fire Pit Table
Featured: Quattro Folding Adirondack in Lime, Modern Adirondack Chair in Navy, Modern Folding Adirondack in Tangerine, Classic Folding Adirondack Chair in Sunset Red, and Round 48″ Fire Pit Table in White

Why choose one color when you can have all of them? This vibrant vignette of hues will brighten anyone’s mood and bring extra joy to your poolside. Start with a neutral foundation and add ROYGBIV decor, or opt for a rainbow of seating colors and keep the rest of your look minimal.  

9. Coastal Theme

POLYWOOD Wave Collection 3-Piece Set in Aruba
Featured: Wave Collection 3-Piece Set in Aruba

Create “I’m already on vacation” vibes with a sea-inspired color scheme. Bright aquas, seafoam greens, and deep cobalts are great for pool decks as they easily fit the water theme. Add extra touches with coral-hued accents, capiz wind chimes, driftwood decor, and woven rattan towel baskets.

Pool Decorating Ideas

Outdoor decorations for pools are fun ways to freshen up your open-air aesthetic.

10. Hanging Planters

An easy and budget-friendly decorating idea, hanging planters filled with florals add height, color, and energy to the space surrounding a swimming pool. Begonias and petunias are popular picks for hanging planters because they’re low-maintenance and available in a rainbow of colors. 

11. Outdoor Lighting

The right outdoor lighting gives any space a welcome glow-up. Brighten your pool space with strands of overhead lights and floor lanterns lining paths and stairs. Or go for a well-lit whimsical room by hanging fairy lights on a patio umbrella and dotting your landscaping with luminous garden globes. 

12. Decorative Hooks and Hangers

Keep towels, tote bags, and pool skimmers organized and on theme with decorative towel hangers and hooks. If you’re feeling handy, you can craft a wall-mounted masterpiece with materials that fit your look (reclaimed wood, boat cleats, faucet handles, etc.). If you don’t want to affix anything to your walls, a free-standing towel rack is a great alternative for holding your poolside essentials. 

13. Fire Pit

Fire pits offer inviting spots to warm up after a quick dip in the deep end or get the party started after dark. They also have the added benefit of being usable all year long. Set up an all-weather fire pit table out back as an alternative form of entertainment in the off-season.

14. Water Features

POLYWOOD Captain Chaises Poolside
Captain Chaises in Slate Grey/Natural Linen
Photo Credit: Alyce Lopez, Owner and Principal Designer of The True House

Keep the fun flowing with additional water elements in or around your pool. Floor fountains or in-pool options will add serene sensory enhancements with their consistent trickling sounds. Bonus: Installing a fountain in your swimming pool keeps the water moving, which repels mosquitoes.

15. Mosaic Tiles

Add eclectic and textural elements to your outdoor space with mosaic tiles. Try an architectural feature wall with blue tiles in an ombré gradient or accent tables with multi-color inlays. This is a fantastic DIY project that allows you to showcase your creativity.

16. Stonework

Create a unified look with turf blocks, stepping stones, or pavers that match your exterior aesthetic. You can go for a clean look with geometric concrete pavers or lay the groundwork for cottagecore charm with a winding stepping stone walkway. Stonework adds visual appeal and acts as a guide for guests, keeping them on the path to your pool and off the grass.  

17. Fencing

POLYWOOD Long Island Chaise in Pacific Blue
Featured: Long Island Chaise in Pacific Blue

Keep pets and little ones from wandering near the water with fencing or partitions. Free-standing privacy screens are inexpensive and removable options, or you can use thick evergreen hedges as a natural fence surrounding your pool deck.


How do I style my pool area?

Style your pool area in a manner that’s functional and flows with the rest of your exterior style. An easy way to do this is with a patio set that matches your home’s color palette. It pulls a look together and gives adults a place to kick back and watch their kids swim. Follow up with useful features that let you incorporate a bit of flair, such as a bright basket for pool toys, DIY towel racks, and a themed wall thermometer. 

What can I put around my pool for decoration?

Potted plants and ambient lights are great decorations to put around your pool. They’re low-cost, easy to install, and instantly enhance the ambiance. Hanging baskets of petunias, bistro lights, succulents in terra-cotta pots, and outdoor lanterns are small ways to make a significant impact.

How can I make my swimming pool attractive?

Keep your swimming pool attractive with the following tips:

  1. Clean and maintain your pool regularly.
  2. Store inflatable toys and cleaning supplies out of sight. 
  3. Build covers or fences around nearby garbage cans and air conditioner units.
  4. Swap out your current pool lights for color-changing bulbs.
  5. Build a privacy fence around your poolside’s perimeter.
  6. Add stylish seating and umbrellas for a resort-inspired vibe.

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