15 Farmhouse Decor Ideas for Spaces of Different Sizes

Originally Published on September 8, 2022. Last Updated on June 12, 2024.

Farmhouse style is the gift that keeps on giving. This decorating trend has held up through the decades because its theme speaks to stress-free functionality and welcome-home warmth. It has also endured thanks to the creativity of professional designers and homeowners alike, who’ve incorporated this style with unexpected elements to create new farmhouse-adjacent themes.

Since all homes are different, as are the tastes and budgets of those who live in them, we curated a wide variety of rustic decor ideas that will fit outdoor spaces of all types and sizes. Browse these 15 farmhouse decor ideas and bring this beautifully bucolic style home.

Small Spaces

If you live in a high-rise apartment or have a small backyard, you know how quickly a cozy space can become cluttered. Try these rustic space-saving decor ideas on for size.

1. Shutter Garden

Image and source: Simple Nature Decor

Draw the eye up with a stylish shutter garden. This rustic DIY project takes up little floor space—and hardly any time to make. A quick trip to your local hardware store for supplies and a free weekend are all you need to build this creative container garden.

2. Rustic Rug 

POLYWOOD Jefferson 3-Piece Rocker Set in Black
Jefferson 3-Piece Rocker Set in Black

Outdoor area rugs add so much style to a small space without taking up any room. A quick online search will show you farmhouse rugs that fit perfectly on your petite terrace or cozy entryway. Before you buy a new rug, measure your outdoor space to ensure you pick the right size. Otherwise, you could end up with an outdoor runner that hangs over the edges of your front steps or rolls onto your front lawn, which isn’t safe or pretty to look at.

3. Foldable Furniture

POLYWOOD Classic Folding Adirondack Chair in Mahogany
Classic Folding Adirondack Chair in Mahogany

Since floor space is limited, you’ll want outdoor furniture that works with you. Folding chairs, Murphy tables, and collapsible benches are great options that add comfort when you need it, then conveniently fold up when you don’t.

4. Repurposed Window Frame Decor

Photo credit and source: Farm Food Family

No enclosures around your outdoor space? No problem—here’s your window of opportunity. (Wink, wink.) Build a variety of rustic decorations, from planters to privacy walls, using old window frames. Find these treasures at thrift shops and antique malls and let your creativity shine.

5. Mirrors

Make a small floor plan feel spacious with a few well-placed mirrors ensconced in distressed wood or galvanized steel frames. Not only do mirrors create the illusion of extra room, but they also brighten up the overall aesthetic.

Medium Spaces

Mid-size spaces like rooftop terraces and long, narrow porches afford you more room to decorate with larger pieces and design settings fit for social gatherings. Let these outdoor decor ideas highlight your provincial style preferences.

6. Same-Shape Furniture

POLYWOOD Traditional Garden 48" Glider in White
Traditional Garden 48″ Glider in White

If your porch spans the front of your house—meaning there’s plenty of length but not much depth—use farmhouse-style furniture that mimics its shape. Long benches, porch swings, rocking chairs, and rectangular coffee tables allow you to use your space wisely while still creating spaces for quality time together.

7. Rustic Light Fixtures 

Photo Credit and Source: Duke Manor Farm

Way back when, before flashlight apps and electricity, farmers used what they had on hand to craft light fixtures, from candleholders to lanterns on hooks. And with a little elbow grease, you can too. Take this DIY ladder light fixture, for instance. Ladders are abundant at thrift shops, and you might already have an old wooden one in your garage. Clean it off, hang it up, and deck it out with vintage lanterns or strings of outdoor lights to create an ambient display.

8. Farmhouse Furniture with Storage Space

POLYWOOD Newport 55” Console Table in Vintage Coffee
Newport 55” Console Table in Vintage Coffee

Being resourceful is a tenet of farmhouse style. We’re not just talking about DIY projects, but finding clever ways to save space too. Benches with hidden storage space, tall shelves built out of old wood milk crates, or tables with drawers and extra shelves underneath are smart ways to add rusticity and save room.

9. Farmhouse Fire Pit

POLYWOOD Round 48" Fire Pit Table in White
Round 48″ Fire Pit Table in White

Whether you build your own or buy one premade, the welcoming warmth from an outdoor fire pit has “rustic” written all over it. Set up your fire pit on the patio and pull up a group of cozy lounge chairs and rockers so your family can relax.

10. Accent Tables

POLYWOOD Chippendale Dining Arm Chair and Long Island 18" Side Table in Teak
Featured: Chippendale Dining Arm Chair and Long Island 18″ Side Table in Teak

Accent tables are practical accessories every homeowner should invest in. Choose tables with slatted tops that mimic wooden floors and barn siding to maintain the farmhouse aesthetic. Look for a style that fits your needs, such as a multi-shelf side table for a rustic reading nook or a round conversation table to pair with a group of weekend-ready Adirondack chairs.

Large Spaces

11. Rocking Chair Sets

Braxton 3-Piece Porch Rocking Chair Set in Black
Featured: Braxton 3-Piece Porch Rocking Chair Set in Black

Rocking chairs are one of the first items homeowners seek when they want to create a farmhouse theme. Style an inviting front porch with a four- or five-piece rocking chair set where family can slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures together.

12. Large Dining Set

POLYWOOD Braxton 9-Piece Farmhouse Trestle Bar Set in Vintage Sahara
Braxton 9-Piece Farmhouse Trestle Bar Set in Vintage Sahara

Farmhouse style reminds us of cozy gatherings and homecooked meals, so bring that feeling to your alfresco space with a large outdoor dining set. Gather your family for hearty dinners year after year around a dining table and chair set that fits the farmhouse theme and fares well in any weather.

13. Rustic Bar Decor

If your outdoor kitchen has an adjacent bar area, that’s prime real estate for rustic decor. You can make your own or search for treasures at antique stores, estate sales, or second-hand shops. Weathered signs, wood paneling, distressed metal, and leather details—the pastoral-inspired possibilities are endless.

14. Dreamy Daybed

POLYWOOD Vineyard Daybed Swing in Black and Weathered Tweed
Featured: Vineyard Daybed Swing in Black and Weathered Tweed

Boho and farmhouse flair merge in an all-weather daybed swing, and it will quickly become the coziest spot on your deck. This relaxing piece can be piled high with rustic or eclectic pillows and blankets to create a homey place for cuddling, napping, or reading.

15. Rustic She Shed

If you have the space in your backyard, take the farmhouse theme to an entirely new level by building a charming she shed. Add a cozy porch out front, a wood-burning stove inside, and a pair of rocking chairs, and you have a rustic retreat where you can go unwind.


Is farmhouse decor going out of style?

Farmhouse decor is still in style. The theme is approachable and easy to achieve, which is why many homeowners love this look. Plus, designers and DIYers alike have adapted the style to fit their tastes, keeping the trend alive and well. 

What is country farmhouse style?

The country farmhouse style, also called “French farmhouse,” is a rustic yet romantic motif. You can achieve this style by pairing distressed wooden pieces with plush seating, curvy decor, and gilded accents.

Are farmhouses going out of style?

Farmhouses are not going out of style. This house style has been prominent for decades thanks to its welcoming and simplistic design—though it has transformed in various ways as designers and influencers start new trends. Some traditional elements have been replaced by modern comforts, but the same sense of warmth and coziness has remained.

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