Genuine Hospitality

The moment you step inside WestMain Kitchen you feel at home. Creating a warm and inviting environment was exactly what Jason and Emily Traycoff set out to accomplish with their restaurant. That vision extended to their outdoor space as well — curating not only a timeless look, but a space where guests could relax and be themselves.

"We wanted to respect the front of the building and we tried to make it look like it was timeless...POLYWOOD furniture just elevated the look."
- Jason Traycoff Owner WestMain Kitchen

Owners Jason and Emily Traycoff created a unique local eatery in their seasonal lake community of Syracuse, Indiana that, by their account, “feeds the locals”. From Emily's contagious smile to Jason's exquisitely simple yet refined dishes, it's no surprise that WestMain is a local favorite.

The restaurant’s building has actually worn many hats over the years. Above is when it was the town’s post office. Jason and Emily made sure to preserve the building's historic charm while also putting their own inviting and cozy spin to the space.

Jason describes his dishes as Indiana home cooking with a Mediterranean flair. Jason’s secret? "Find the best ingredients and don’t mess them up."

The front of WestMain's location is an inviting patio space that feels like the front porch of a home. The addition of POLYWOOD furniture elevated the look and comfort while providing the restaurant with valuable additional seating.

To escape the very public restaurant business, Jason and Emily spend most of their down time at the lake house in their own relaxing outdoor retreat. Their personal outdoor space includes modern POLYWOOD styles that coordinate with the contemporary style of their home — a place where they can unwind and recharge.

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