Stunning Brick Patio Ideas

Originally Published on March 16, 2022. Last Updated on March 14, 2024.

Over the last few years, many of us have swapped vacations for outdoor renovations — so much so, that garden stores ran out of furniture. Whether it’s upgrading your patio or simply keeping up with the neighbors, one of our favorite backyard design projects is a new brick patio. Read on for our best brick patio ideas for your outdoor space.

1. Circular

Circular patio arrangements give a classic look to a yard. They almost feel like they should be part of a Roman bath or Grecian temple. If you have a lot of circle and oval shapes in your property facade, such as in the windows, then mirroring it in the patio can look very striking. 

One technique is to emanate the circular patio outward from a focal point. This could be a birdbath, fire pit, or even an interesting tree or plant. You will find you also need more space in your yard for these patterns as the usable square footage gets smaller. 

Circular Brick Patio

2. Herringbone

Herringbone is a popular design made by placing bricks in an L-shaped pattern and tucking the next right angle into the crease created by the last one. 

Most famous as a fabric pattern, herringbone brick can add real interest to a brick patio design that gets a lot of foot traffic. The look mimics the skeleton of a fish, creating an optical illusion of length and movement. Consider adding this pattern near water, such as by the pool or in coastal settings.

Herringbone Brick Patio

3. Edging Garden Beds

When adding patio stones to larger areas, the sheer volume of stone can often be overwhelming. One interesting way to break it up is with flower and plant beds. You can use in-ground flower beds, small trees, or raised vegetable patches for this. 

You can even link the yard by tying the plants in with ones on the borders. This themes the whole patio and garden area together. 

Once you have decided what to have in your flower beds, frame them with a rim of patio stones. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it keeps them from being trampled and helps with soil compaction. It also makes it harder for slugs and snails to get into the beds. 

Brick or stone Edging Garden Beds

4. Flagstone

Not all patios have to be uniform. In fact, one of the most interesting patio renovation coverings is done with large flagstones. This provides a much more natural and organic feel than perfectly laid bricks. 

Flagstone will always have variations in shape and color. This makes it a great choice if you have an eclectic yard or patio area. The only downfall is that as it has random shapes and is heavy, it takes a lot of work to plan and install it. 

Flagstone Patio

5. Build Around the Grill

The grill is often the focal point of any outdoor living space. When you build it on top of a patio, you create a solid foundation. If you build the patio and grill out of the same stone, then you’ll have a unified look that will impress visitors to your yard. 

Many people choose to use humble brick to build their grill. As they are resistant to heat, they are an excellent choice. Make sure you apply a sealant or use bricks that are non-porous, so spillages won’t stain the surface.

brick grill on patio

6. Coordinating Colors 

To create a harmonious theme between your patio and home, consider getting some complementary colors for your bricks. Not only will this coordinate with the outside of your house, but it also adds more interest than monotone paving.

Look at the three main colors in the front of your home. These could be the roof color, fittings, siding, or front door. Match these in two or three different colored bricks, which you can use to make a pattern on your patio. 

If your house is monotone, you have a little more artistic license. You might want to choose tones from the surrounding areas, such as trees and foliage. Colors of stone natural to the region will always work well.

colorful brick patio

7. Keep It Simple

All of these brick patio ideas will look great for your patio renovation. However, there is a lot to be said for keeping it simple. Sometimes the most popular techniques are well used for a reason. 

Rows of bricks, horizontally orientated, work in any place and situation. This will give the look of a grid to your patio. As they are side by side, they are extremely easy to install yourself

Turning the bricks vertically, running away from the entrance to the garden, will make the space look larger. This is a great trick if you only have a small space or want to bring attention to something at the end of the yard. 

Another benefit is that this gives you a great blank canvas to build upon. You can add raised flower beds at different levels, mix them with gravel, or use it in just about any situation. It will look fantastic near pools, grills, and in your outdoor living space.   

simple landscaping brick patio

Brick Patio Ideas

Once you have your brick patio ideas, you just need to choose the right stone. If you don’t feel confident installing it yourself, then get recommendations from local companies. Check trade sites and speak with friends and family who have had similar work done. 

We also have plenty of advice on everything from gardening tips to DIY outdoor project ideas. Click here to see our buying guides for all your patio needs. 

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