24 Garden Storage Ideas For a Tidy Workspace

Originally Published on May 19, 2022. Last Updated on June 11, 2024.

Does it feel like there’s always something to tidy up or put away in your outside space, no matter how big or small it is? Clutter seems to gather when gardening, entertaining, or even watering your hanging plants. Wouldn’t it be nice to store all your garden clutter in a way that keeps everything you need right at hand, without the clutter? Keep reading and you’ll find 24 of our favorite garden storage tips to help you do just that.

Garden Storage for Small Backyards

1. Use a Hanging Storage Organizer for Garden Tools

Hanging organizers don’t take up much room and they can store lots of small gardening tools and supplies on any wall or vertical surface. Hang a strip for garden tools with handles or hooks for easy storage or add a wire shelf unit with compartments for gloves, small clippers, or garden seeds.

Outdoor Hanging Hook Storage

2. Use Furniture for Seating and Storage

In a small backyard, space is a premium. That’s why we love furniture with built-in storage. Look for ottomans or benches that open up so you can store your tableware, small tools, and extra cushions. You can also take advantage of space under your tables and sofas with storage bins that match your décor.

3. Look For Multifunctional Storage

If you’re looking for ways to hide those unsightly garbage cans, there are great side-by-side garden storage cabinets that can hide your bin on one side and store your recycling, or even wood for your fire pit on the other. Of course, you don’t have to store logs there. You can use the second side for boots, tools, or planters.

side-by-side garden storage cabinets

4. Add a Slimline Storage Shed

Tool sheds make it easy to add additional storage space outdoors and hide clutter. If you have little space in your backyard, use a storage shed to store muddy boots, wheelbarrows, bikes, or outdoor furniture like folding Adirondack chairs while adding visual appeal to your yard. Your garden shed also makes an ideal place to put your long tools safely out of the way to avoid accidents and keep them from rusting.

5. Take Advantage of Stylish Deck Boxes

With many sizes and styles to choose from, you can find stylish deck boxes that complement your style and in a size that accommodates your storage needs. You can use them for extra seating or they can double as side table space. For even more flexibility, add wheels or castors to the bottom corners. Then you have a portable coffee table or seats for last-minute guests.

stylish deck boxes

Storage Areas for Your Kitchen Garden

6. Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen Workstation

No need to balance platters and utensils at the barbecue this summer. Instead, add a portable kitchen workstation to hold your ingredients, tools, and serving utensils. It creates an extra workspace for the chef and doubles as a serving area for more table space. Storage underneath holds bowls and containers, while inside storage is perfect for hot mitts, cooking tools, cleaning products, napkins, silverware, and tablecloths.

Outdoor Kitchen Workstation

7. Add an Accent Wall

Take inspiration from stylish interiors and add an accent wall to your outdoor entertaining area. An accent wall can double as a place to show off garden plants or fragrant herbs, hang a light fixture, or you can add hooks to display art and decor.

8. Keep Seeds Safe from Year to Year

It’s so satisfying growing your produce. Not only does a kitchen garden look great behind your home, but it also provides your family with delicious fresh fruits and veggies throughout the season. Use a seed storage box to organize your seeds and keep them cool and dry. This can sit in your shed all year long or you can bring it indoors if moisture is an issue.

seed storage for gardening

9. Add Drawers to Store Small Tools or Cooking Utensils

Drawers are ideal places to store small items or cooking utensils for grilling. Drawer units or stands take up little space but are perfect for things you need to access quickly, like hand towels, marinade brushes, and tongs for serving. You can also find drawers on wheels or with hooks to hang on a wall for extra versatility. Just make sure your set of drawers is weatherproof to keep it in good shape through rainy or snowy weather.

10. Lock Away Your Storage 

If you have small children, consider a lock for your shed or storage unit. That way, you can store your cooking equipment or outdoor bar supplies without worrying about little hands accessing sharp knives or drinks. A lock on your storage is also a good idea if you host short-term guests, such as through Airbnb, and want peace of mind knowing your outdoor valuables are safe.

Lockable Outdoor Shed

Workspace for Garden Prep Storage

11. Create a Garden Workspace to Store Potting Tools

Using a high-profile table like the POLYWOOD Farmhouse 37″ x 72″ Bar Table allows you to set up a workspace to pot new plants or trim ones you already have. A standing-height table is a fantastic solution that allows you to be comfortable when working and keeps your pots and tools handy. You can also add storage underneath the table if you need more room to store gardening books, bags of soil, or larger pots.

Standing-height Garden Workspace

12. Use a Pegboard to Store Tools

An old-fashioned pegboard is back in style (thank you, Julia Child) and makes a handy storage space while also adding to your outdoor aesthetic. Depending on what style pegboard you use, they can add loads of charm to vintage, industrial-style, or farmhouse spaces. Pegboards are easy to use for hanging hand tools and accessories while keeping your workplace free from clutter. 

13. Keep Your Garden Hose Out of the Way

It’s important to have easy access to your garden hose so you can water when you need to. But having to step over your hose constantly is annoying and dangerous. Add a portable hose reel you can take with you as you move from one place to another. Or you can add a garden tap hose hanger to store your hose at the spigot.

portable Garden hose storage

14. Store Firewood as a Feature

There’s no reason your storage space can’t double as a stylish garden feature. You can add an interesting storage basket or container made of stainless steel to keep unused logs stored neatly by the house. You’ll have a place to store your wood, and it looks great as an accent piece too.

15. Turn Your Garage into a Potting Shed

If you don’t have room for a potting shed or storage shed in your garden, you might turn part of your garage into your potting shed. You can add some shelves and a pegboard on one wall of your garage to work on trimming and potting plants, and also use it for storing your outdoor tools.

Garage potting shed

Patio Storage for Uncluttered Floor Space

16. Turn a Bookshelf into Outdoor Storage

Reuse common furniture in new ways when looking for garden and patio storage. One example is a tall, narrow bookshelf. You can reuse it as-is if you need a tall bookshelf in a tight space on your patio. But you can also turn it on its side to create cubby holes for toys, magazines, books, and other patio accessories.

Bookshelf as Outdoor Storage

17. Build a Coffee Table with Storage from Pallets or Crates

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add storage to your patio. Give yourself a weekend DIY project and make a coffee table with storage out of wood from crates or pallets. You can buy the wood or possibly get it for free from a local farmer or shipper. 

18. Add Boot and Shoe Storage

If you come inside through your backyard or garden door, chances are that you’re bringing in debris and dirt from working outdoors. To prevent this, add shoe storage, like a shoe rack or a shoe storage bench, just outside your door. This way, you can leave the dirt outside, and keep your floors clean inside.

Outdoor Shoe Storage

19. Outdoor Pillow Storage

Everyone loves to be as comfortable as possible when relaxing on the patio. Add large woven rattan baskets or storage bins with drawers to your patio and fill them with pillows and cushions so guests can easily grab one, then store them away when not in use.

20. Wicker Baskets Make Great Tabletop Storage

A wicker basket can make a functional and beautiful tabletop decor accent piece that works for storing smaller accessories like napkins or silverware. You can also use wicker baskets to store sunscreen, pool toys, and beach towels for your chaise lounges. Wicker baskets come in different sizes and shapes, so find the one that’s right for your style and space.

Wicker basket storage for outdoor tabletop

21. Create an Entertainment Space with Storage

Creating your dream outdoor space? If you design it with storage in mind, you and your guests won’t ever need to trip over clutter or toys. Keeping outdoor accessories or children’s toys in a designated storage space means you don’t need to buy extra storage furniture or worry about clashing styles with your existing outdoor decor.

22. Store Power Tools Safely Out of Children’s Reach

Power tools can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Putting shelves high enough that small children can’t reach is a good way to store your tools. You can also create cubbies by using smaller containers on the shelves to keep power tools safe and dry.

Power Tool Storage

23. Upcycle Old Furniture

Do you have old furniture you’ve been thinking of getting rid of? Instead of throwing it away, turn it into garden storage. The furniture pieces that work best for this idea are wardrobes, dressers, shelving, or desks. Upcycle solid wood furniture with some moisture-proof paint that complements your garden decor. 

24. Turn Wasted Space into Storage

Using wasted garden space for storage can give you a lot of extra room you didn’t think you had. Look for room under stairs, raised decking, or in your crawl space. Smaller spaces are great for hanging aprons or grilling tools, while large spaces can hold folding chairs, umbrellas, or even your grill.

Folding adirondack chair

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