Signs Your Outdoor Space Needs Renovation

Originally Published on April 18, 2021. Last Updated on August 31, 2022.

Finally, with the ever-challenging 2020 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to say hello to 2021. As you know, a new year comes with a clean slate and fresh goals. Purchasing a beach house, joining a country club, or sailing on your boat more might be at the top of your 2021 goals. But what about improving your current home, particularly your outdoor space? If you want to scratch this off your to-do list, it’s important to identify the areas most in need of care. Read below to figure out if you need to renovate your space, how to reassess your outdoor area, and discover new ideas for renovating your patio or deck.

Signs Your Outdoor Space Needs Renovation

Below are the signs to look for as you start thinking about which backyard renovations are right for your patio, deck, veranda, or other outdoor space.

1. Rust & Chipping Paint on Your Furniture

Steel furniture is very durable, but it is susceptible to rust and paint chipping. Rusty furniture causes annoying squeaks and can stain your clothes. Contact your contractor to see if they can remove the rust and powder coat your steel furniture. If it’s damaged beyond repair, it’s time to replace the furniture altogether. To prevent future rust, be sure to cover everything when not in use to prevent rust and discoloration.

2. Stains

Stains happen, especially when grandkids are involved. If you notice your outdoor cushions or pillows are tainted, try to clean them off first. If they’re severely stained or damaged, it’s best to replace your pillows and cushions with new ones. 

3. Mold or Mildew

It’s never good to see mold or smell mildew on your outdoor cushions and pillows, so it’s best to replace them. Don’t fret, though. This gives you a chance to try new colors in your outdoor space and upgrade to the most premium outdoor cushions available that are built to last. To keep your cushions and pillows in great condition for the future, remove debris and dust regularly and always bring them indoors during heavy rainstorms and the winter. 

SHOP All-Weather Outdoor Cushions
SHOP All-Weather Outdoor Cushions

4. Time & Maintenance

Outdoor wood furniture looks gorgeous. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain wood furniture’s beauty. After all, you could be spending that precious time with your grandkids. Swap it out with a new furniture set that’s less laborious, but will still make your neighbors wish they owned outdoor furniture as gorgeous as yours.

5. Your Furniture Looks Old 

Maybe you’ve seen recent photos of your outdoor furniture, and your set looks like it has seen better days. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just means your furniture has been well used! But if you want your outdoor space looking its best, consider buying some new furniture to spruce up your area!

Braxton 5-Piece Nautical Trestle Arm Chair Dining Set
Braxton 5-Piece Nautical Trestle Arm Chair Dining Set

6. Your Home’s Style Has Changed

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home. If you’ve changed the interior’s style, your outdoor area may feel slightly out of place. Talk to your decorator to help you make your patio or deck look more consistent with the rest of your home.

Reassessing Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to reassessing your outdoor space, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

Were there things you thought you were going to use your outdoor space for but ended up not doing? Maybe you planned on hosting more catered cocktail hours or wanted to build an outdoor home theater for the grandkids to enjoy. Whatever the plan was, decide whether you wish to continue with it or not. 

Do you have empty space in your backyard? Consider filling any unused space with a feature that you’ve always wanted. From herb gardens to expansive koi ponds to fire pit tables, the possibilities for using your underutilized space are endless.

Classic Folding Adirondack 6-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table
Classic Folding Adirondack 6-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Are there areas you want to expand? For example, if you have an outdoor kitchen that you use often, think about the extra features you may need. If you don’t have a bar area, have your preferred contractor build a luxurious bar section and choose high-quality outdoor chairs to go with it. Do you need more prep space? A granite kitchen island is the best premium option for outdoor conditions.

How is your furniture holding up? Did you run into any problems mentioned in the last section? It might be time to upgrade your outdoor furniture to something more durable. POLYWOOD® furniture is made with HDPE lumber, which can withstand all four seasons year after year. 

Ideas for Renovating Your Outdoor Space

Once you’ve assessed your outdoor space, it’s time to follow through with your backyard renovations. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

Lighting — It’s one of the easiest things you can do to renovate your outdoor area. Whether it’s as simple as string lights or something grand like a luxurious outdoor chandelier, the right lighting can elevate your space.

Pathways — If you have an expansive backyard with multiple areas, a pathway provides both style and functionality. There are tons of materials you can choose from, including brick, gravel, and natural stone. Meet with your decorator to decide which one is best for your home’s style.

Drainage — If you run into problems like mold and mildew, you may want to take a look at your drainage system. Contact your contractor to check out your situation, and they’ll provide a solution based on your needs.

Retractable Patio Screens — Bugs are a nuisance in the summertime. Keep them away from your outdoor space by installing retractable patio screens. Be sure to get the motorized versions since they’re the most luxurious and easiest to use.

New Furniture — Swapping out your old chairs and tables can bring a fresh, new look to your deck, patio, or veranda. Did you not have pillows or cushions before? A deep seating furniture set adds incredible comfort and texture to your space.

Braxton 3-Piece Deep Seating Rocker Set
Braxton 3-Piece Deep Seating Rocker Set


Whatever you decide to do with your backyard renovations, have fun with it. Get with your decorator and contractor, collaborate, and let your creativity and imagination run wild!

Check out the POLYWOOD blog for more helpful articles on improving your outdoor space.

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