Bar Stool Collection

Bar Stool
Bar Stool

Bar Stool Collection



  1. Bar Stool

    Contempo 30" Saddle Bar Stool

    +2 POLYWOOD® colors 14 seat colors
  2. Bar Stool

    Contempo 24" Saddle Counter Stool

    +2 POLYWOOD® colors 14 seat colors
  3. Bar Stool

    Contempo 4-Piece Round Saddle Bar Stool Set

    3 Bar Stools + Round Bar Table
    +1 POLYWOOD® color 1 seat color

Saddle Bar Stools from POLYWOOD®

Raise a glass to the weekend or enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up with the reliable comfort of an outdoor saddle bar stool. Whether you’re adding functionality to an outdoor counter or opting for a backless outdoor dining experience, you can choose between several earth tones and neutral colors to complement your patio, deck, or porch setup.

Choose between 24” and 30” saddle bar stools to coordinate with your bar set, outdoor counter, or dining table. Two distinct bar stool designs give you complete control over the look and feel of your dining space.

Unique Features of POLYWOOD Bar Stools

POLYWOOD bar stools are constructed with high-quality HDPE lumber that resists cracking, chipping, rotting, fading, peeling, or splintering. The durable bar stools can be kept outside year-round in the harshest climates, weathering conditions like salty sea air, snowy winters, torrential rain, and constant sun exposure while retaining their structural integrity.

Ensure your bar stools look their best with a quick clean. Maintaining your saddle bar stools only requires a few minutes of your time—wash them with a soft-bristle brush using a combination of mild soap and warm water to make them glisten like new.

How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Bar Stools

On the balcony

With the fun, vibrant Contempo 4-Piece Saddle Bar Stool Set, you can cozy up next to your partner for a sunrise breakfast, sipping tea and savoring croissants.

By the pool

Splashes of water and summer sun are no match for POLYWOOD lumber. Our 24” Saddle Bar Stool makes a comfy spot to sip lavender lemonade while keeping an eye on the kids.

Outdoor Kitchen Guide

Outdoor saddle bar stools are an integral component of any outdoor kitchen, creating room for dining along your granite counter next to the roaring grill. If you’re building an outdoor kitchen from scratch, we have you covered—read our comprehensive outdoor kitchen planning guide to learn what outdoor materials are durable and weatherproof, how to map out your outdoor kitchen, and what types of outdoor furniture to buy.