Our Materials

Spending more time in your outdoor space outside shouldn’t be hampered by the chore of continual maintenance to your outdoor furniture — POLYWOOD® furniture is built to last with enduring materials ready to weather the elements. Our hope is that our furniture encourages more time spent outside relaxing, gathered with friends and family, in a space where the furniture becomes secondary to the memories created in it.

Closeup of POLYWOOD material
POLYWOOD Adirondack Chair


POLYWOOD is made from HDPE — short for “high-density polyethylene” — a durable plastic that's widely used to make milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, bottle caps, etc. We currently recycle millions of landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastic containers every year and transform them into genuine POLYWOOD lumber.

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POLYWOOD Throw Pillow


POLYWOOD deep seating collections, umbrellas, seat cushions, and pillows feature weather-resistant performance fabrics designed to protect against fading and degradation from sunlight.

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POLYWOOD Coastal Arm Chair


Our all-weather sling fabric is made of 100% woven vinyl-coated polyester material that resists mildew, fading, and tearing.

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POLYWOOD Coastal Arm Chair


The weather-resistant wicker featured in POLYWOOD Jefferson Woven and Presidential Woven Rocking Chairs is made from the same type of High-density polyethylene (HDPE for short) plastic as our genuine POLYWOOD lumber. HDPE is an extremely durable plastic that resists stains, sun exposure, salt spray, and blizzard conditions.

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Product Material FAQs

How much do POLYWOOD chairs weigh?
The weight of each chair varies based on the size and shape, but they average 30 to 50 pounds each. All POLYWOOD furniture is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions — each piece can be easily moved with one or two people. Our outdoor furniture is heavy-duty and durable enough so you won't have to worry about them blowing away in strong winds. You can find the exact weight of any of our chairs on their individual product description pages.
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What is the weight capacity of POLYWOOD chairs?
The posted weight limit for each seat is 325 pounds, although all POLYWOOD chairs are successfully tested beyond 400 pounds in accordance with ASTM standards.
Can I keep my POLYWOOD furniture out all year-round?
Yes, our all-weather outdoor furniture is built to withstand all four seasons and a range of climates including hot sun, snowy winters, salt spray, and heavy winds. However, covering your furniture will make seasonal cleaning easier while also prolonging the life of your furniture. We recommend https://coverstore.com/.
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Does POLYWOOD furniture have a warranty?
Yes, we believe in our product, and stand behind its quality and durability with an exceptional twenty year warranty. For details, see the full POLYWOOD warranty.
What type of hardware is used in POLYWOOD furniture?
For optimal performance and longevity, we use high-performance marine-grade quality hardware for the assembly and construction of all POLYWOOD furniture.
Do you recommend covering POLYWOOD furniture?
Since POLYWOOD furniture is all-weather, it does not require a cover. However, covering your furniture will make seasonal cleaning easier while also prolonging the life of your furniture. We recommend https://coverstore.com/.
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Can I use POLYWOOD furniture on the shallow ledge of my pool?
You can use our furniture on the shallow ledge or tanning ledge of your pool, but we suggest taking them out of the chemically-treated water when finished and rinsing each piece with fresh water.
Do you offer material samples?
Where can I find the serial number for my POLYWOOD furniture?
POLYWOOD furniture includes a sticker with the serial number located on the bottom of each piece. POLYWOOD cushions also include serial numbers which are located on the tag
Where can I see POLYWOOD furniture in person?
Please visit the POLYWOOD Showroom Locator to find a specialty patio dealer near you.