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Outdoor Backless Benches

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Outdoor backless benches are perhaps the most useful piece of furniture you can own. They fit under tables for easy storage and can be used for both relaxation and dining, yet are often overlooked in favor of showier seating options. However, a sleek backless patio bench will complement your existing furniture beautifully and add plenty of seating space without taking up as much room as individual seating. If you’re looking for alternatives to outdoor chairs, a plastic backless bench is ideal.

Backless Bench Styles and Sizes

POLYWOOD backless benches come in a few varieties and size options. Choose from the Rustic Farmhouse Bench or the more traditional Farmhouse Bench if you’re looking for seating for a table, or opt for the Garden Bench for a freestanding option. We designed our backless benches to complement a variety of décor styles – rest assured they will blend seamlessly with your existing outdoor space.

Our outdoor backless benches are also available in multiple sizes ranging from 48 – 60 inches long. To determine what size bench you’ll need to accompany a table, first measure the length, width, and height of the table. You’ll want at least six inches to a foot of space between the end of your bench and the end of the table for the most aesthetically pleasing look. Make sure you have at least 16-24 inches between your tabletop and the bench so it’s easy for people to sit down or leave the table.

For freestanding benches, make a paper drawing of your outdoor space (keep it simple) and map out where your backless bench would fit best. If you’re considering rearranging your space, use cutout shapes to represent each piece of furniture and place them on the paper, allowing for at least a foot in between each one to enable easy accessibility.

Popular Uses For Backless Benches

Need seating for large parties in a small space? A POLYWOOD backless bench will allow you to seat multiple people without having to cram several chairs close together. Try a backless bench on your deck or patio for casual conversations, or place a POLYWOOD Garden Bench in the cool shade of a tree. If you have a vibrant garden, why not nestle a backless bench next to the flowers for a place to sit and admire your efforts? You can even use a POLYWOOD bench inside a pool house for a handy place to rest your belongings while changing. The possibilities are endless

The Best Materials for Backless Benches

Wood outdoor furniture, like teak backless benches, are popular because of their classic look and seemingly inexpensive upfront cost. However, plastic or resin backless benches are a far better deal in terms of lifetime expense and upkeep requirements. Genuine POLYWOOD HDPE lumber – made from post-consumer plastics that includes milk jugs and detergent bottles – is easily the most durable material you’ll find for your outdoor furniture. Built to withstand sea spray, snow, rain, and more without deteriorating, our proprietary blend of thermoformed plastics even includes UV-inhibited pigment systems to ensure that your backless bench will remain vibrant season after season. While you’ll have to replace your natural wood furniture after a few years, your POLYWOOD outdoor furniture will look like new for decades.

POLYWOOD Backless Bench Care and Upkeep

Don’t spend your precious free time sanding, staining, or refinishing your outdoor furniture. With POLYWOOD furniture you’ll never have to worry about any of that. POLYWOOD backless benches will not chip, rot, flake, peel, or otherwise decline in quality even after years of use. The only maintenance they need is a quick scrub with a soft-bristle brush dipped in soap and water. Do this a few times per year, and your POLYWOOD furniture will always look like you just bought it.

Why Choose POLYWOOD Backless Benches?

All POLYWOOD backless benches are crafted with care in Syracuse, Indiana and we guarantee their quality with a 20-year residential warranty. Eco-friendly, durable, and virtually maintenance free, a POLYWOOD backless bench is sure to bring delight to you and your guests for years to come.

Now is the time to get the backless bench you’ve always wanted. Enhance your garden or patio with a POLYWOOD backless bench. Buy now and enjoy free shipping on all our quality furniture.