17 Farmhouse Spring Porch Decor Ideas

Originally Published on March 17, 2023. Last Updated on June 11, 2024.

The sun is sticking around a little longer each day, melting away winter’s chill. It’s a great time to plan an easy spring porch refresh for your home. Why not revive the space with a warm and inviting farmhouse motif? 

Whether you’re well-versed in this rustic style or totally new to it, you’re sure to find inspiration with these 17 farmhouse spring porch decor ideas.

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Farmhouse Porch Decor Ideas
Which Farmhouse Style Fits You?

Farmhouse Porch Decor Ideas

1. Go Antiquing

Antique stores have all kinds of items you can use to add old-world farmhouse style to your front porch. Look for vintage bikes, wooden crates, and ceramic jugs—or get crafty and revive a pair of wooden rocking chairs with a fresh coat of black paint to match the wrought iron side table you bought during one of your antiquing adventures.

2. Choose Rustic Wall Decor

POLYWOOD Vineyard Porch Rocking Chair in Black
Featured: Vineyard Porch Rocking Chair in Black

Use your open wall space to hold country-style decor. Spring wreaths, mirrors in weathered metal frames, removable decals, and floating shelves made of reclaimed wood all nod to the homey look farmhouse style is known for. 

3. Try DIY Projects 

Make your own front porch decor by taking on a DIY project. Pinterest is full of inspiring ideas that fit all tastes, budgets, and experience levels. Turn a large milk can into the base for an accent table, securing a circular wood slab to serve as the tabletop. You can also have your kids help you paint terra-cotta pots and line them up the front steps.

4. Get Your Garden Started 

If you have great sunlight on your porch, plant a vegetable garden in containers you made yourself. A quick idea we love is repurposing everyday items into planters. Old rain boots, buckets, cinder blocks—if they can hold soil, they can be homes for plants. This is a wonderful way to show off your crafty side and bring sustainability to your home.

5. Add Style to Your Small Porch

POLYWOOD Vineyard Deep Seating Chair and Long Island 18" Side Table
Featured: Vineyard Deep Seating Chair and Long Island 18″ Side Table

A small front porch is a perfect place for springtime farmhouse style. Stick to a light color scheme to make the space look bigger, and think small and tall when choosing decor. Display little pots filled with white flowers that grow up (and not out) on surfaces of varying heights. From there, draw the eye up with a green wreath or sign on your front door. 

6. Create a Scandinavian Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

If you have space to play with on your front porch, transform one corner into a cozy breakfast room where you can sip your morning coffee. Style a white dining set on top of a coordinating outdoor rug, and decorate with wooden accents and soft beige seat cushions for a Scandinavian-inspired take on farmhouse style.

7. Design a Modern Porch Setting

Bring modern farmhouse style to your front porch by blending rustic elements with new decor. This look is characterized by neutral colors—typically white and black—and natural elements like wood and stone. Use a clean-lined outdoor furniture set topped with cushions in a mix of solid colors and geometric patterns. Add warmth with metal lanterns, table centerpieces made from old milk crates, and wall decor made from weathered wooden ladders.

8. Use Decor That Fits Any Season

POLYWOOD Chippendale 5-Piece Nautical Trestle Dining Arm Chair Set in Teak
Featured: Chippendale 5-Piece Nautical Trestle Dining Arm Chair Set in Teak

Spend less time (and money) switching out decor by picking timeless farmhouse-style pieces you can enjoy all year. Choose durable furniture in neutral colors like white or tan and a rustic doormat featuring an evergreen phrase like “Welcome to the Farm.” 

9. Add Rocking Chairs

POLYWOOD Braxton Porch Rocking Chair in Black
Featured: Braxton Porch Rocking Chair in Black

Rocking chairs are rustic front porch icons that have been around for a long time. In fact, they’ve been used outdoors for hundreds of years. Keep the tradition going by lining your rustic porch with comfortable all-weather rockers. Choose decor that adds charm and convenience, such as reclaimed wood side tables and vintage hanging lanterns.

10. Display Woven Accents and Decor

Handmade and homey decor fits right in with the farmhouse theme. Willow branch baskets, rattan lampshades, and bamboo area rugs are all beautiful ways to display the wicker technique. Just remember to pick items rated for outdoor use. This means natural wicker treated with a protective finish or synthetic wicker made from durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nylon, polyethylene (PE), or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). 

11. Put Up a Welcome Sign

Open your arms and home to visitors—before they even step inside—with a rustic welcome sign. Go for a weathered wood design or a basket with the warm greeting emblazoned on the front and fresh flowers filling in the background.

12. Hang a Front Porch Swing

POLYWOOD Country Living 60" Porch Swing in White
Featured: Country Living 60″ Swing in White

A porch swing enhances your home’s aesthetic and gives you a place to visit with company or find repose after a long day. To go the rustic route, look for simple designs in neutral colors like white or tan and slip on a comfortable seat cushion tailored in checkered fabric.

13. Create Separate Spaces

If you have a large front porch, create individual activity areas your family can use as the weather warms up this spring. A cozy corner can become a reading nook, and the shaded spot by the front door could be a craft room. If your porch spans the length of your home, make one side a dining area and the other side a conversation space so family can smoothly transition from one place to another as the day progresses.

14. Add Coziness With Deep Seating Furniture

Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie 3-Piece Deep Seating Set in Sand and Dune Burlap
Featured: Martha Stewart by POLYWOOD Chinoiserie 3-Piece Deep Seating Set in Sand and Dune Burlap

Use outdoor deep seating furniture on your front porch so family, friends, and neighbors have somewhere comfy to sit as the spring season brings in warmer weather. Include colorful throw pillows and a basket of warm blankets for added comfort. 

15. Choose Countrified Cushions and Pillows

POLYWOOD Outdoor Lumbar Pillow in Safari Pistachio and 16" Outdoor Throw Pillow in Wild Game
Featured: Outdoor Lumbar Pillow in Safari Pistachio and 16″ Outdoor Throw Pillow in Wild Game

Checkered patterns, burlap details, grain sack designs, and knitted styles all speak to rustic style. Plus, the varying fabrics easily add texture and color. Just be sure to pick pillows and cushions made for outdoor use. 

16. Update the Lighting

Outdoor lights come in rustic styles so you can find the perfect match for your porch. Keep scale in mind when choosing fixtures, and go bigger to ensure a well-lit space. Here are some bright ideas for spring:

  • Gooseneck barn lights
  • Table lamps with distressed wood bases
  • Pendant fixtures with hammered metal shades
  • Edison bulb string lights 
  • Mason jar wall sconces
  • Wooden beam chandelier
  • Lampshades or hardware in springtime hues like soft yellow, sage green, or baby blue 

17. Add Barriers for Privacy

Adding privacy to your porch gives your family security and solitude. Plus, it’s another avenue for bringing farmhouse style to the space. Install white trellises with vining flowers planted at their bases that will wind their way to the top. You can also hang outdoor curtains or repurpose old wooden doors into bucolic barriers.

Which Farmhouse Style Fits You?

Farmhouse style takes us to our happy place, meeting our need for calm surroundings and stress-free functionality. But one style does not fit all. Over the years, designers and creatives have reimagined this rustic theme over and over, forming several farmhouse-adjacent aesthetics that accommodate nuanced styles.

Before you decorate, venture into the various farmhouse vignettes to find the one that touches your heart. All the styles share the underlying theme of soft neutral colors, rough-hewn textures, natural or unfinished wood, and repurposed pieces. However, each one has subtle elements that set them apart.


How do I get farmhouse style on a budget?

Springtime is garage sale season, and this is a great way to find budget-friendly yet beautiful farmhouse styles for your front porch. Or try second-hand shops to find pre-loved pieces at bargain prices.

How do you make the outside of your house look like a farmhouse?

Add farmhouse style outside your house with board and batten siding and minimum decor. This lets you maintain a clean, simple aesthetic. If you have a front porch, incorporate rustic touches with barn lights, rocking chairs, and wooden accents. 

How do you decorate a front porch for spring?

Bring spring and summer to your front porch with fresh flowers. Pots of fragrant columbine and hanging baskets of coral bells add pops of color and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Plant tulips and other perennial bulbs in the fall, so you’ll have spring blossoms year after year.

How can I make my front porch more inviting?

A fresh coat of white paint on the walls will make your front porch inviting. Add to the ambiance with potted ferns, outdoor lanterns, and wind chimes. Finish the look with a welcome sign on your front door, and hang a porch swing that invites guests to stay a little longer.

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