POLYWOOD: Designs That Stand the Test of Time

Originally Published on June 18, 2024. Last Updated on June 18, 2024.

We often speak of our furniture’s durability and how our products stand up to the harshest climates and decades of use, but our words can only convey so much. To prove our outdoor furniture lives up to its promises, we looked to our community to help us show and tell this story.

Who better to speak to our furniture’s quality than those who actually use it? We’re now handing the mic to our customers. Keep reading to see testimonials shared by homeowners, businesses, and a well-known design influencer.


POLYWOOD is intended to be loved by all and handed down to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. See what our long-standing customers have to say about how our furniture has stood the test of time.

Endless Fun in the Sun

From porch to poolside, this loyal customer chooses POLYWOOD for her outdoor spaces thanks to its easy care and enduring quality.

Left: A brand new POLYWOOD 68-Inch Console Table with Storage and a Vineyard 60-Inch Bench in White by a pool. Right: Two 20-year-old Classic Folding Adirondack Chairs in White on a porch.
Featured: 68″ Console Table with Storage, Vineyard 60″ Bench, and Classic Folding Adirondack Chair in White

“Love this! It looks great and is incredibly durable! We started buying POLYWOOD over 20 years ago as we live in the South Carolina mountains, and the weather destroys any wood or metal furniture. We power wash the furniture in the spring, and it still looks great! The [Adirondacks] are 20 years old. We are very pleased with this [console table] … by the pool furniture to hold cushions. Thanks for producing such a beautiful and durable product!”
– Kathleen F.
68″ Console Table with Storage, April 2024

An Enduring Icon

This Californian customer offers proof that our products are built to last—and a classic never goes out of style.

A well-maintained, aged POLYWOOD Classic Folding Adirondack Chair in White on a deck overlooking California hills and vineyards.
Featured: Classic Folding Adirondack Chair in White

“I bought this Adirondack 26 years ago (1995) I live in southern California, so we see HOT summer days of 100+ degrees … Where we live, we have also seen lows in the 20s at times, and my chairs look new.”
– Kowboy
Classic Folding Adirondack Chair, August 2021

Rest, Relax, Feast, Repeat

After 15 years, our furniture’s quality and durability still impress this customer.

A new POLYWOOD EDGE 7-Piece Dining Set, and 14-year-old Club Chairs and a Round 36-Inch Conversation Table in Mahogany sit on a wooden deck.
Featured: EDGE 7-Piece Dining Set, Club Chair, and Round 36″ Conversation Table in Mahogany

“We were hoping this set would be of the same quality as another POLYWOOD set we bought 15 years ago. We were not disappointed. It is just as well built as the set in the background that … is 14 years old. POLYWOOD makes very solid products that last.”
– Jeff D.
EDGE 7-Piece Dining Set, July 2023

Color That Doesn’t Quit

Even after 20 years, this homeowner’s Palm Coast seats have held their vibrant blue hue.

Left: A POLYWOOD South Beach Casual Chair and South Beach Rocking Chair—both 20 years old—a South Beach 18-Inch Side Table, and a South Beach Ottoman in Pacific Blue sit on a stone patio. Right: A brand new Palm Coast 5-Piece Dining Set with Trestle Legs in Slate Grey sits on a brick patio.
Featured: South Beach Casual Chair, South Beach Rocking Chair, South Beach 18″ Side Table, and South Beach Ottoman in Pacific Blue and Palm Coast 5-Piece Dining Set with Trestle Legs in Slate Grey

“… This is my second POLYWOOD set. I have Adirondack chairs in Pacific Blue that are 20 years old and still look great! When my metal dining set needed replacing, I knew I had to get POLYWOOD! I know I will have this set for many years to come. This is definitely worth the money!”
– Collette B.
Palm Coast 5-Piece Dining Set with Trestle Legs, September 2022

Businesses & Public Areas

The POLYWOOD headquarters is located in Syracuse, Indiana, and some of our longest-standing commercial customers are also our neighbors.

Oakwood Resort

Thomas Boseker, Owner's Representative of Yellow Retirement Communities and Oakwood Resort, smiling in a headshot next to the text, [We use POLYWOOD furniture every chance we get!]

Oakwood Resort sits on the shores of Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Indiana, less than 10 minutes away from the POLYWOOD campus. The popular resort hotel and conference center began adding our furniture to its picturesque property back in 2016, starting with groups of sunny yellow rocking chairs and matching side tables from our South Beach Collection that still overlook the lake to this day.

A row of POLYWOOD Palm Coast Adirondack Rocking Chairs and South Beach 18-Inch Side Tables in Lemon sit on a brick patio in front of a white hotel.
Featured: Palm Coast Adirondack Rocking Chair and South Beach 18″ Side Table in Lemon

POLYWOOD Palm Coast Adirondack Rocking Chairs and South Beach 18-Inch Side Tables in Lemon sit on a brick patio overlooking a lake.
Featured: Palm Coast Adirondack Rocking Chair and South Beach 18″ Side Table in Lemon

Since then, Oakwood has curated an impressive collection of POLYWOOD furniture. In the warmer months, guests can kick back in one of many Adirondacks or chaises scattered across the beach and lounge areas. The resort’s restaurant, The Pier & Front Porch, showcases our bar and dining furniture on its waterfront patio and floating tiki bar. Moreover, our deep seating styles and rockers ensure year-round comfort in the hotel lobby.

“Every spring, we pull all the furniture out, rinse it off, and it looks just like it did when we purchased it,” Boseker said. “Our guests continue to compliment the furniture season after season.”

Syracuse Community Center

Chad Jonsson, Park Superintendent for the Town of Syracuse, smiling in a headshot next to the text, [Families use this facility for a variety of activities, and POLYWOOD furniture gives them the ability to enhance what they're experiencing here already.]

A nice walk on a warm, sunny day will take you from the POLYWOOD headquarters right to the doorstep of the Syracuse Community Center, a bustling town hub beloved by local families since 2002. Soon after opening, POLYWOOD donated benches and tables to the center so visitors could relax and gather together both inside and outside the facility.

A light brown bench and a picnic table sit on a concrete patio in front of a brick building.

For nearly 20 years, the furniture stood outside the community center, braving Indiana’s cold winters and hot summers. While we no longer offer these particular styles, you’ll find their designs reflected in our Traditional Garden Collection.

In 2024, we decided to retire and recycle the community center’s outdoor seats and replace them with brand-new pieces. We donated Buddy Benches and added picnic tables from our Park Collection. Our goal was to further enhance the facility’s outdoor aesthetic and give the community members more opportunities to connect.

“As our parks and community center have grown, as has POLYWOOD, in the last 25 years, it seemed like it was a great opportunity to partner on some new furniture,” Jonsson said. “It’s great to know that POLYWOOD was able to take the old furniture … and make new furniture out of it.”

Sammie's Buddy Bench Project. Find out how we're supporting one Indiana teen's efforts to foster friendships and promote sustainability nationwide and beyond. Click or tap to learn more.

Taryn Whiteaker

Taryn Whiteaker, DIY and Design Influencer, smiling in a headshot next to the text, [I got my first POLYWOOD set over six years ago, and I haven't turned back!]

Taryn Whiteaker, DIY and design influencer and visionary behind Taryn Whiteaker Designs, is a household name in the design industry and a long-time friend of POLYWOOD. She first discovered our brand years ago while redesigning the backyard of her family’s home in Seattle, Washington. Taryn needed low-maintenance pieces that could endure the marine climate of the Pacific Northwest.

“I knew we needed outdoor furniture that could withstand the heavy rain and snow,” Taryn said. “I watched as other wood furniture would be completely ruined after one year in the harsher weather elements and constantly need to be refinished. I wanted outdoor furniture that required little maintenance and would keep its finish. POLYWOOD has proven to fill all those needs!”

A POLYWOOD Club Mission Sofa, Club Mission Loveseat, Club Mission Chairs, and a Club Ottoman in Black with Natural Linen cushions, and a Club 18-Inch Side Table in Black sit by a stone fireplace on a covered patio.
Featured: Club Mission Sofa, Club Mission Chair, Club Mission Loveseat, Club Ottoman, Club Coffee Table, and Club 18″ Side Table in Black/Natural Linen

Taryn was drawn to the deep seating styles of our Club Collection. She quickly curated a cozy fireside setup that became a favorite spot for her and her family in their Seattle home.

In 2022, Taryn and her family moved to Dallas, Texas. They brought their beloved furniture along, transitioning from the cooler northern climate to the hot, sunny South. She gradually added more pieces and now, every outdoor space of her modern European-style home is complemented by our enduring designs.

“… After six years and a move, it still looks great,” Taryn said, “I clean the cushions one or two times a year to freshen them up, and the actual POLYWOOD finish looks the same as the day we got it!”

Taryn Whiteaker’s Outdoor Style Story

See how the DIY and design influencer brought two very different design visions to life with POLYWOOD furniture.

A POLYWOOD EDGE 7-Piece Dining Set, two EDGE Dining Arm Chairs, and a Club 18-Inch Side Table in Black, and an EDGE 6-Piece Modular Deep Seating Set in Black with Grey Mist cushions sit on a concrete patio behind a black house.
Featured: EDGE 6-Piece Modular Deep Seating Set in Black/Grey Mist, EDGE Dining Arm Chair, Club 18″ Side Table, and EDGE 7-Piece Dining Set in Black

A POLYWOOD Newport 36-inch Conversation Table in Vintage Sahara and two Braxton Deep Seating Loveseats in Vintage Sahara with Natural Linen cushions sit near a stone fireplace in a brick courtyard.
Featured: Braxton Deep Seating Loveseat in Vintage Sahara/Natural Linen and Newport 36″ Conversation Table in Vintage Sahara

Click or tap to learn more about Taryn Whiteaker's style story.

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