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The 20 Best Backyard Bar Ideas

No matter if it’s a standalone area or part of your outdoor kitchen, a backyard bar is an excellent centerpiece for your outdoor-entertaining efforts. The possibilities for your dream backyard bar are endless. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed it down to 20 ideas to help inspire you.

1. Tiki Bar

Love Hawaii? With this backyard bar idea, you’ll always have a piece of the Pacific Islands right in the comfort of your home. A grass roof, bamboo, and bug-repellent tiki torches are essential. You can also get creative with your bar stools and use tiki-style statues made for sitting.

Tiki Style Straw Hawaiian Outdoor Bar

2. Poolside Bar

If you have a pool and plenty of space surrounding it, it’s only natural to build a poolside bar. Whether you go for a beach theme or not, your poolside bar is sure to be everyone’s favorite place to relax while sipping on a refreshing cocktail on those hot summer days.

3. Swim-Up Bar

You usually only see swim-up bars at the five-star resorts you and your spouse visit. Not anymore. Your home pool will be the envy of the neighborhood after you install a luxurious swim-up bar that matches — or even surpasses — what you’d see at Sandals.

Outdoor swim up pool bar

4. Gazebo Bar

A gazebo adds another level of luxury and elegance to your backyard. But when you install a high-end bar into your gazebo, you’ll have the ultimate spot for entertaining guests on cool, beautiful nights. 

5. Log Cabin Bar

You don’t have to jet off to Aspen to indulge in a log cabin getaway. Have your contractor design and build a dream log cabin that’s perfect for hosting winter get-togethers with plenty of wine and cheese. Don’t forget to include a fireplace!

Outdoor fireplace and outdoor log cabin rustic bar

6. Wine Barrel Bar

Bring the charm and atmosphere of Napa Valley to your backyard with a bar made from wine barrels and reclaimed wood. Consult your contractor to see if they have the materials to make your vision a reality. You can also check websites such as Etsy for inventive wine barrel designs.

Wine Barrel rustic outdoor bar

7. Murphy Bar

Remember Murphy beds? Apply that same fold-down concept to a bar! It’s a perfect idea if you’re short on space or don’t want to commit to a full-size backyard bar.

Outdoor fold out murphy bar with cutting board limes and lemons

8. Garden Shed Bar

Do you have a garden shed you rarely use? Repurpose it into a rustic-inspired bar! Get with your contractor to see what they can do to add a functional counter and bar window. Then, decide whether you need bar- or counter-height seating.

9. Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Combo

If you love cooking and entertaining, it makes sense to build an outdoor kitchen with a bar element. An outdoor kitchen is a much bigger project than building a standalone bar, but our Planning an Outdoor Kitchen article can steer you in the right direction.

Large Modern Outdoor Kitchen Bar Combo

10. Open Kitchen Bar

If your indoor kitchen looks out on your outdoor space, consider an open kitchen concept. You need to install a retractable, restaurant-style opening that connects your kitchen to your patio or deck. If your contractor thinks it’s feasible, it’ll be way easier to serve your guests’ food and drinks. Plus, it’ll instantly boost your home’s value!

11. Luxurious Tuscany-Style Bar

You could always hop on a plane and revel in the beauty and grandeur of Tuscany. But with a little planning and innovative design, you can build a luxurious outdoor bar that your neighbors will surely pine over. Authentic tile, stately wood, vines, and iron decor elements are crucial to creating a Tuscan-inspired backyard bar.

Luxurious outdoor Tuscany style bar

12. Treehouse Bar

We’re all young at heart, right? With a treehouse bar, you can get a boozy taste for eternal youth. Of course, whenever your grandkids come over, they’ll be clamoring to play in the treehouse. Be sure to install locked cabinets with your glassware and drinks. 

13. Industrial Bar

If you love the look of corrugated metal, an industrial-style backyard bar could be right up your alley. Consider including reclaimed wood into your design to give your backyard bar a more rustic look.

Industrial Metal Outdoor bar

14. Outdoor Stone Bar

Slab stone provides natural beauty no matter where you incorporate it in your home. When you build a backyard bar made of stone, expect to receive a multitude of compliments from friends and family. 

15. Game Day Backyard Bar

Whenever your team’s season is in full swing, you need a spot to get in the game. Consider a backyard bar with a TV, beer on tap, and team memorabilia everywhere. You can also include a cornhole set or another fun backyard game to play with your grandkids!

16. Pizza Bar

Everybody, both young and old, loves pizza. Design a backyard bar with a built-in pizza oven, and everyone in your neighborhood will want to stop by for a slice.

Pizza oven outdoor bar

17. Coastal Bar

Life is better at the beach. But when you can’t go to your beach house, put on your sandals and make your way down to your backyard with a coastal-inspired bar. You’ll definitely want to outfit your backyard bar with nautical embellishments like fishnets, shells, and boat steering wheels. We also offer several coastal-inspired outdoor furniture to elevate your space.

18. Western Bar

Take a load off and saddle up to your own western, saloon-style backyard bar. Decor elements like wood, horseshoes and metal pendants are must-haves. If you include a flat screen, consider installing a barn door TV cabinet to add style and functionality.

Saloon Western Style Rustic Bar

19. Modern Bar

If you love minimalist design, a modern backyard bar is perfect for you. Elements such as concrete, granite countertops, and sleek lines all bolster your modern bar. Also, be sure to pair your new outdoor space with contemporary furniture like the EDGE Collection.

Modern style minimist bar

20. Grain Bin Bar

A grain bin gazebo bar is the perfect focal point for your backyard, especially if you prefer farmhouse-style decor. Get with your contractor to see what you need to design this unique backyard bar.

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  1. A bar as an extension of the kitchen or at the backyard is great. It will save time and fuel wasted in commuting to enjoy drinks. Moreover, there won’t be any risk of encountering untoward incidences.

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