Porch Makeover: Chippendale Glider & Conversational Seating

Originally Published on July 24, 2017. Last Updated on June 25, 2024.

We love a good outdoor space edit and had the pleasure of styling a cozy front porch with our Chippendale Collection. Keep reading to see how we devised the dreamy setup.

The Space

We saw plenty of potential in this setting. It was wider than most porches, with ample floor space to play with. Cool tones dominated the color palette: greige floorboards, white trim, and dark blue siding surrounded by lush green landscaping.

Front porch before makeover. Wicker and wood seats, colorful cushions, mismatched tables, and an area rug decorate the space.

The homeowner shared that the front porch is her preferred reading spot and where she starts the day peacefully sipping her morning coffee. It’s also a favorite gathering place for her family to enjoy light bites and time together.

With those factors in mind, we set out to accomplish a few things. In terms of form, we envisioned elegant, inviting furniture and a balance of warm and cool hues. For function, it needed to work seamlessly as a conversation and casual dining space.

The Furniture

Our Chippendale Collection’s versatility makes it an excellent fit for a variety of spaces. It’s a quiet reflection of the original 18th-century design: We incorporated the intricate back splat detail but chose straight, clean lines over cabriole legs, yoked top rails, and ball-and-claw feet.

A POLYWOOD Chippendale 48-Inch Glider, a Chippendale Garden Arm Chair, a Club 18-Inch Side Table, and a Club Coffee Table in Teak sit below the text [The Furniture, Chippendale and Conversational Seating.]
Featured: Chippendale 48″ Glider, Chippendale Garden Arm Chair, Club 18″ Side Table, and Club Coffee Table in Teak

We selected our Teak lumber for every piece to create cohesion and warm the overall look. Instead of the quintessential porch rocker, we opted for a glider bench. It offers a similar relaxing sway but with room for two. Matching arm chairs completed the seating arrangement while coordinating accent tables served as drink, snack, and decor holders.

The Inspiration

Once we picked the perfect porch furniture, it was time to decorate. The initial inspiration came from the yard’s generous amount of greenery and the porch’s cool color palette. This space was beautiful on its own—our goals were to simply complement the existing aesthetic and new furniture with a little more visual interest, texture, and contrasting colors.

Mood board titled [POLYWOOD Chippendale Makeover Style] featuring a POLYWOOD Chippendale 48-Inch Bench and Chippendale Garden Arm Chair in Teak, a Glacier Spa fabric swatch, a green fern, and color swatches in glacier, forest green, wine, coffee, and khaki.

  1. Chippendale 48″ Bench in Teak
  2. Chippendale Garden Arm Chair in Teak
  3. POLYWOOD Fabric Swatch in Glacier Spa

The Final Look

Mood board titled [The Final Look, Chippendale Glider and Conversational Seating] showing a POLYWOOD Chippendale 48-Inch Glider, Chippendale Garden Arm Chairs, Club 18-Inch Side Table, and Club Coffee Table in Teak on a covered porch, with close-ups of plants, fabrics, decor, and a green, red, brown, grey, and khaki color palette.

A light blue-grey area rug set the stage and complemented the house’s dusky siding. We brought the yard’s rich, verdant color onto the porch using an outdoor pillow, vases of fresh flowers, and potted ferns. Then, we added soft blue pillows, which played beautifully with the rug.

Wood, wicker, and clear glass decor layered in more texture; a cranberry-hued blanket finished the look with unexpected contrast and extra coziness.

The homeowner loved her new furniture and the comfy feel of the space. And we’re happy knowing she has the perfect spot to settle in and get lost in a novel or enjoy quality family time over after-dinner drinks.

More Style Ideas

See how other POLYWOOD fans styled their space with the Chippendale Collection.

Delightful Patio Space

A POLYWOOD Rockford 72-Inch Chippendale Bench, Chippendale Garden Arm Chairs, and a Newport 28-Inch-by-42-Inch Coffee Table in White on a stone patio.
Featured: Rockford 72″ Chippendale Bench, Chippendale Garden Arm Chair, and Newport 28″ x 42″ Coffee Table in White

“Purchased this lovely set for a patio in Florida. The only furniture that will survive the coastal climate. Adequate instructions for assembly, which went without any problems.” 
– Mary M. | Rockford 72″ Chippendale Bench, October 2023

This customer created a light, bright look on their back patio using white Chippendale seating, a coordinating coffee table, and cushions. The warm landscape lights add a dreamy touch to the aesthetic.

A Warm Welcome

A POLYWOOD Chippendale 48-Inch Glider in Mahogany sits on the concrete porch of a tan brick house flanked by large brown planters with evergreens.
Featured: Chippendale 48″ Glider in Mahogany

“I have been looking at these gliders for a long time. Finally decided to invest in quality, replacing the [treated] wood one we have had for almost 20 years. These are solid quality that I hope will last a very long time.”
– Emelee R. | Chippendale 48″ Glider, March 2024

Opting for a deep brown glider to complement her porch’s cozy-toned color palette, this homeowner was able to pull together a look that will always make loved ones feel invited.

A Dramatic Entrance

A POLYWOOD Chippendale 48-Inch Glider, a Chippendale Garden Arm Chair, and a South Beach 18-Inch Side Table in Black, with a Seat Cushion 18.5-Inch-Deep-by-21-Inch-Wide-by-2.5-Inch-High and a Bench Seat Cushion 17.25-Inch-Deep-by-43.5-Inch-Wide-by-2.5-Inch-High in Ash Charcoal sit in a covered brick entryway.
Featured: Chippendale 48″ Glider, Chippendale Garden Arm Chair, and South Beach 18″ Side Table in Black and Seat Cushion – 18.5″D x 21″W x 2.5″H and Bench Seat Cushion – 17.25″D x 43.5″W x 2.5″H in Ash Charcoal

“POLYWOOD is top quality—5 stars! … Love, love, love our glider, chair, and table! We priced resin wicker and teak options, but POLYWOOD came out on top!”
– Madison F. | Seat Cushion – 18.5″D x 21″W x 2.5″H, November 2023

This homeowner added a hint of drama to her entryway with black Chippendale seating and a matching side table, topping the seats with dark cushions for extra effect. The deep lumber and fabric colors contrast beautifully with the lighter hues of the siding and curved brick archway.

Must-Have Moody Space

A POLYWOOD Rockford 72-Inch Chippendale Bench, a Chippendale 48-Inch Glider, and a Square 18-Inch Folding Side Table in Black sit on a fenced-in concrete patio.
Featured: Rockford 72″ Chippendale Bench, Chippendale 48″ Glider, and Square 18″ Folding Side Table in Black

“Just what I was looking for. This sturdy and long bench was the perfect addition to my patio. I love the Chippendale style.”
– Jennifer J. |  Rockford 72″ Chippendale Bench, May 2023

This customer styled dark Chippendale seating on their patio, creating a dramatic look accented by pots of bright pink petunias.

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