Waterfront Deck Makeover with Designer Lynn Armstrong

Originally Published on August 18, 2021. Last Updated on March 18, 2024.

We partnered with Lynn Armstrong, interior designer and lifestyle blogger, to help turn her waterfront deck space into a stylish setting she and her family can enjoy for years to come.

Lynn’s Coastal Outdoor Furniture Quest

Lynn is a busy mom of two who loves to entertain. Her deck gets quite a bit of use for family meals, parties, and other activities. On top of that, her California home is on an ocean inlet. This gives her family front-row seats to waterfront views and exposes their outdoor furnishings to salt spray, hot sun, humidity, and other coastal challenges. To Lynn, having durable, low-maintenance furniture that can handle an intense climate, active children, and social events is a must. 

Wooden Deck Furniture Woes

Originally, a wooden dining set sat on the deck. While natural wood furniture is an intriguing idea, it’s impractical in a coastal climate. Lynn and her husband would regularly refinish the furniture, spending hours sanding and staining each piece to protect it from the elements. Despite their efforts, the wood eventually faded beneath the San Francisco sun and parts broke from repeat use. When Lynn discovered a colony of carpenter bees inside a chair, she decided that enough was enough.

“One day, my husband and I kept noticing little tiny piles of dust on the decking,” Lynn said. “Channeling my inner Nancy Drew, I did some investigating and found some bees had eaten the inside of the chair legs and had made little homes for themselves!”

From Wood to POLYWOOD

So Lynn came to POLYWOOD for help. Our Vineyard and Kids collections immediately caught her eye, and it wasn’t long before she was selecting new dining additions for her deck.

Lynn chose the Vineyard 6-Piece Rustic Farmhouse Side Chair Dining Set with Bench to meet her entertainment needs. Its classic style reminded her of the many summers she spent vacationing in Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, and the versatile seating meant her kids could easily climb onto the long bench for family meals. Plus, she loved that she’d never again have to paint or stain her furniture. Ever

Designer Lynn Armstrong and children around Vineyard 6-Piece Rustic Farmhouse Side Chair Dining Set with Bench

“When I had to choose conversation patio sets, I immediately loved the timeless design of the Vineyard rustic dining set,” Lynn said. “I chose the white [lumber] because it matches our house and makes the natural wood of the deck pop! When the sun is shining and reflecting off of the water it makes me feel like I’m on vacation.”

For her children, Lynn chose the Kids Outdoor Picnic Table in the same bright white hue as the dining set. The material and minimal care were selling points. Lynn rests easy knowing her furniture is made of quick-cleaning and recyclable HDPE plastic. She also appreciates the lumber’s resistance to peeling, chipping, and splintering, erasing worries about her kids getting splinters.

Lynn’s Final Dining Look

Lynn let the natural seascapes surrounding her home serve as the primary decor, adding her personal touches to refine the overall aesthetic. Vibrant plates and fresh flowers provide splashes of color, while large black wire lanterns create a striking contrast against the white lumber. As night falls, outdoor string lights make the space even more inviting.

4 thoughts on “Waterfront Deck Makeover with Designer Lynn Armstrong

  1. I absolutely love this before and after!! Finding kid-friendly garden furniture can be so tricky so great to see products that are safe but still gorgeous!!

  2. WE have a lakehouse in Texas with a floor (deck) that needs to be replaced. We’re looking for “lumber” made of polywood and cannot seem to find anything like what we need. Can you help?

    1. Hello Sharon,

      Thank you for reaching out to us regarding our Lumber. At this time we do not sell our lumber, we extrude it solely for our manufacturing purposes and to build our POLYWOOD Furniture.

      Please let us know if there is any other information we can assist you regarding our POLYWOOD Furniture.

      Thank you!

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