20 Spring Front Porch Decor Ideas

Originally Published on March 23, 2023. Last Updated on June 11, 2024.

Springtime is on the horizon—we’re all ready to get out, embrace the longer days, and breathe in that fresh air. If you’ve been filling Pinterest boards with outdoor decorating tips and DIY projects all winter long, we have some fantastic spring front porch decor ideas you can add to your inspiration list.

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Front Porch Decor Ideas
Porch Cleaning Checklist

1. Sustainable Materials

POLYWOOD Lakeside Coffee Table in Teak
Featured: Lakeside Coffee Table in Teak

Furnishing your front porch with accessories and seating made from sustainable materials is a great way to show your love for the planet. Start with a jute area rug, then add Adirondack chairs and accent tables made from recycled plastics. Complete the look with solar-powered string lights hanging overhead and dot the area with fresh basil and parsley fitted in biodegradable pots. 

Bonus: You can plant the herbs (pots and all) in your yard when the weather warms up.

2. Fresh Flowers

Nothing symbolizes springtime better than blossoming flowers. Use surrounding landscaping, front porch planters, window boxes, and hanging baskets filled with your favorite blooms to bring this beauty front and center. 

Annuals like pansies, verbena, and sweet potato vines thrive in containers and will last into the summer months with the proper care. Tulips and daffodils are popular perennials that sprout every spring—your flower beds will practically decorate themselves.

  PRO TIP:  
Tulips and daffodil bulbs need long periods of cool temperatures to establish roots. Plant them in the
fall to get bursts of color in your yard the following spring (and many years after).

3. Hedges and Shrubbery

Add plant-based privacy to your porch by filling the surrounding landscaping with dense bushes and shrubs. Red twig dogwoods, arborvitae trees, lilacs, and other greenery keeps your solitude and style intact.

4. Dark and Light Front Porch Color Palette

via Taryn Whiteaker Designs

Make a bold statement this spring with a moody outdoor color scheme. We found Taryn Whiteaker’s front porch particularly inspiring: This design influencer suggests black exterior paint on the walls, door, and trim, then adding contrast with light wooden accents. Offset the solid colors with a patterned rug in correlating hues.

5. Rustic Porch Decor

Warm and welcoming by definition, farmhouse style is perfect for any place where family and friends gather. Rocking chairs instantly imbue this homespun charm—just be sure to shop for durable, all-weather styles. Accent the space with mirrors ensconced in distressed wood and decorative galvanized steel milk cans. 

6. Outdoor Lighting

A well-lit front porch lets your family relax in the fresh air after the sun goes down. Here are some bright ideas: 

  • Hanging lanterns
  • Wall sconces
  • Fairy lights
  • Flameless candles
  • Pathway lights

7. Budget-Friendly Front Porch Decor

POLYWOOD Vineyard Porch Rocking Chair in Black
Featured: Vineyard Porch Rocking Chair in Black

Browse thrift shops and flea markets to find the perfect pre-loved home decor to display on your front porch. You can find all kinds of treasures at bargain prices: patio tables, outdoor lanterns, urns, area rugs, and even pottery. With this approach, the journey is just as fun as the destination.

  PRO TIP:  
Using what you already have at home is another easy way to stick to your budget while minimizing waste. Give the forgotten vintage bikes in the attic or the wooden ladder in your garage a second chance as cute new displays, or create a green wreath with leafy branches and other natural elements found in your backyard.

8. DIY Decorations

Roll up your sleeves, folks. It’s arts and crafts time for adults. Here are a few front porch ideas to warm up your imagination.

  1. Stencil your house numbers on flower pots filled with bright yellow blooms.
  2. Turn just about anything into a planter—buckets, old milk jugs, rain boots, a chest of drawers, you name it. 
  3. Fill empty wine and whiskey bottles with battery-powered fairy lights to create twinkling table lamps.
  4. Construct rustic wall art using old window frames.
  5. Transform pre-loved shutters or wooden pallets into vertical container gardens. 

9. Outdoor Wall Furnishings

Use the room on your walls if you have a small porch with limited square footage. Hang floating shelves at chair level and use them as side tables, or mount Murphy tables and benches that fold out from the wall. 

10. Front Porch Ceiling Decor

If your front porch is covered, take advantage of the added ceiling. Suspend an outdoor swing from a sturdy beam or joist, install hooks for wind chimes and hanging planters, or put up strings of outdoor lights. If your porch is not covered, install a retractable awning to have shade whenever you want.

11. Front Door Decorations

POLYWOOD Braxton 3-Piece Porch Rocking Chair Set in Black
Featured: Braxton 3-Piece Porch Rocking Chair Set in Black

Decorating your front door is a fun way to make a statement on your porch. You can complete this project in one weekend and enjoy it all season long. Give it a new coat of wood stain or white paint, and flank the doorframe with potted plants. Once the door is fully dry, hang a cheerful welcome sign or spring wreath for a pop of color. 

12. Storage Space

The days may be getting longer, but the weather can still be iffy in the spring. Take precautions by investing in furniture with built-in storage space. When the April showers start, you can quickly stow your blankets, cushions, games, and lightweight decor.

13. Mail and Parcel Boxes

If your mail and packages are delivered directly to your door, style a pretty post box on your wall and a container for large parcels beneath it. They’ll keep your items out of the rain (because no one likes picking up wet envelopes) and offer another outlet for creativity, as you can paint them to match your porch color scheme.

14. Doormats

Lay a durable doormat before your front door to welcome guests—while also keeping dust and dirt outside. Many styles are available, so you can pick one that matches your porch theme and shows your personality. Have some fun here by choosing a design sporting a cheeky phrase or spring-inspired floral pattern.

15. Rocking Chairs

It’s hard to beat the timeless look of a rocking chair. The gentle back-and-forth motion keeps you comfortable for hours, so you can continue to watch the spring flowers bloom and enjoy their scent in the breeze. But scenes like these are better when shared, so set up a rocking chair set and take in the view alongside a loved one.

16. Outdoor Pillows and Cushions

A few seat cushions and throw pillows will add color to your porch and bring extra comfort to your furniture. Not sure where to start? Here are a few hue combinations our team is loving for spring:

Outdoor POLYWOOD Cushion and Pillows Fabric Pairings: White & Sky Blue Outdoor POLYWOOD Cushion and Pillows Fabric Pairings: Green & Botanical Gardens Pistachio Outdoor POLYWOOD Cushion and Pillows Fabric Pairings: Teak & Buffalo Plaid Glacier Spa
Outdoor POLYWOOD Cushion and Pillows Fabric Pairings: Sand & Hopscotch Outdoor POLYWOOD Cushion and Pillows Fabric Pairings: Lemon & Natural Linen

17. Daybed Swing

POLYWOOD Vineyard Daybed Swing in Black and Weathered Tweed
Featured: Vineyard Daybed Swing in Black and Weathered Tweed

The soothing sway of a large daybed swing beckons you to settle in, slow down, and take it easy. With plenty of snuggle-up space bolstered by supportive cushions, this substantial swing will turn your porch into a cozy outdoor dreamscape.

18. Accent Tables

These entertaining essentials play many roles, from drink holders to plant stands. If you have a cozy corner on your porch where your family loves to read or study, invest in an Adirondack set that includes a coordinating side table—an ideal spot for lamps, snacks, or drinks. For added convenience, place a side table by the front door. This offers space to set items down and easily open the door.

19. Benches

April showers bring May flowers and mud. If you don’t have a mudroom, and the front door is your most-used entrance, place a bench or two on your porch where guests can sit and take off their shoes. Pick benches in all-weather materials that clean easily with a quick spray from your garden hose.

20. Adirondack Chairs

While Adirondacks are the unofficial chair of summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t start enjoying them earlier. With reclined backs you can lean into, wide drink-ready armrests, and body-hugging contours, these seats will transform your front porch into your happy place.

Porch Cleaning Checklist

Thoroughly cleaning your outdoor spaces is an essential step to take before starting any decorating projects. Give your porch a once-over to see if it needs some TLC, and use the checklist below to get it back in tip-top shape.

  • Clean and sanitize outdoor furniture.
  • Spot clean outdoor pillows and cushions.
  • Dust ceilings, walls, fans, and lights.
  • Wash windows and light fixture covers.
  • Dust and rinse window screens.
  • Sweep floors and outdoor rugs.
  • Scrub floors, walls, and doors.
  • Tidy up landscaping.


How do you protect outdoor decor?

Use waterproof and fade-resistant exterior paint and sealer on wooden furniture. You can also get spray-on sealants for fabrics that protect cushions, rugs, and throw pillows from moisture and fading. Or, instead of spending extra money on protection, invest in outdoor furniture and decor made of materials that can handle the elements.

What do you put on a front porch?

Your front porch is the first thing people see when they come to your home. Fill the space with things that make it warm and welcoming, like comfortable outdoor furniture, pots of flowers, a welcome mat or sign, and a water fountain.

How do you make a front porch look inviting?

Here are additional creative ways to make your front porch look extra inviting:

  • Add seating that invites guests to sit and relax, like rocking chairs or a porch swing.
  • Place blankets in a basket that people can grab when it’s cold.
  • Brighten the mood with colorful plants in eclectic pots.
  • Place outdoor lanterns around your porch for ambient lighting.
  • Roll out a large outdoor area rug for a layer of color and texture.

What can I hang on my porch?

You can hang a variety of items on your porch:

  • Baskets of spring flowers
  • Wind chimes
  • Outdoor lanterns
  • Swings and chairs
  • Strings of outdoor lights
  • Wind spinners
  • Metal or wooden signs

Does a front porch add value to a home?

Adding a front porch can dramatically boost your home’s curb appeal, whether you’re looking to sell your house or build one for your own satisfaction. A porch extends your home’s usable square footage, and if covered, it allows your family to enjoy the outdoors even in inclement weather.

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