Designed with relaxation-ready proportions, our lounge chairs are where your love of comfort, style, and the outdoors meet. Enjoy the cozy embrace of a deep seating chair, lean back into our ever-popular Adirondack designs, or revel in a chaise lounge’s staycation vibes.



  1. Modern Adirondack

    Modern Grand Upright Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  2. Modern Adirondack

    Modern Upright Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  3. Classic Adirondack

    Classic Upright Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors
  4. Modern Adirondack

    Modern Grand Adirondack Chair

    +14 POLYWOOD® colors

What is Lounge Furniture?

Aptly named, lounge furniture is intended for leisure and all-day lounging. It’s furniture with an easygoing attitude that fits right in with relaxing alfresco. Also referred to as deep seating, POLYWOOD lounge furniture offers a deeper seat (relative to the dimensions from back to front) and lofty cushions, two design details that were once reserved for indoor living rooms.

Deep seating furniture is ideal for taller individuals, outdoor nap enthusiasts, and anyone who prefers the cozy embrace of cushioned seating. Typically, deep seating frames sit lower to the ground to compensate for thick cushions on the seat and back.


What is considered a lounge chair?
Lounge chair is a broad term that encompasses many styles, including armchairs, recliners, papasans, Adirondacks, and chaises.
What is the function of a lounge chair?
A lounge chair is meant for rest and relaxation as opposed to productivity. This is often reflected in a reclined back, deep seat, or other comfort-centric features.
Are chaise lounges comfortable?
Yes, chaise lounges are incredibly comfortable. They allow you to stretch back and rest your feet without the need for an ottoman. Many chaises are designed with an adjustable back so you can customize your comfort level.
How does outdoor furniture withstand UV light?
Outdoor patio furniture crafted with genuine POLYWOOD lumber is UV-resistant and won’t fade in the sun. Our Color-Stay Technology uses UV-inhibiting pigments that are continuous throughout the lumber. Learn more and see our process here.
What is the purpose of a chaise lounge?
A type of daybed, an outdoor chaise lounge is a multifunctional seating style that can be used for reading, napping, or sunbathing.
What is the best angle for the back of an outdoor lounge chair?
For the ultimate laid-back relaxation, the best angle for an outdoor lounge chair is approximately 10–15°.
Do POLYWOOD lounge chairs fold?
Yes, we offer several styles of patio lounge chairs that can be folded flat for easy transportation and storage. These products are great for a small patio space or multipurpose areas.


We’re a USA-based company that creates beautiful, sustainable outdoor furniture. (And we’ve been doing it for over 30 years.) Genuine POLYWOOD lumber is made of recycled and reusable plastics in a circular, 99% waste-free process. And in the future, your furniture can be recycled back to where it started. Everything is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and years of repeat use. POLYWOOD is built to last—because it’s built for life.

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