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POLYWOOD® Modern Adirondack Chairs

Browse our wide selection of modern Adirondack chairs to find a seating option that brings style and sophistication to any outdoor setting.

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Many of our customers love POLYWOOD modern Adirondacks because they're the perfect combination of sleek, minimalist design and comfort-focused features. Add a group of these outdoor chairs to your patio so your family can appreciate their fashion and function in all four seasons.

Choosing our modern seating for your home means choosing to do your part in reducing plastic pollution. We build all our Adirondacks with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber made from sustainable materials, including landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastics. Turning discarded plastic into durable outdoor furniture is a worthwhile endeavor that's keeping our planet beautiful in so many ways. 

"I purchased these Adirondack chairs with my husband in mind… I wanted an Adirondack that fits a tall person, plus gives room for movement and a computer, plus drinks and snacks. This chair sets the bar for other makers of Adirondack chairs. Easy to put together, color solid throughout, screws rustproof, American made from all the plastics we continue to use regardless of the planet, and seriously well made and thought out. I will be purchasing more from POLYWOOD in the near future."

- Kimberlee T.

Purchased November 2020

Modern Adirondack Colors

Let your stylish side show by selecting modern seating in colors that perfectly coordinate with your outdoor decor. Stage a relaxing sundeck scene with a set in calming Slate Grey, or make a bold statement on your deck with a pair of Black modern lounge chairs. 

Modern Adirondack Features


Every POLYWOOD modern lounge chair you have in your outdoor space is built to take on inclement weather and harsh outdoor elements. Blizzards, humidity, salt spray, sun exposure, and heavy winds won't damage your chair. 

Low Maintenance

Effortless upkeep — this is one feature (among many) you’ll enjoy with every POLYWOOD piece you purchase. The HDPE material never needs to be painted, stained, or waterproofed, and it’s not prone to cracking, peeling, chipping, or rotting.

20-Year Warranty

We stand behind our products, which is why we back any outdoor seating you order from us that's built with genuine POLYWOOD lumber with a 20-year warranty. So put up your feet and relax with endless peace of mind.

Are Adirondack Chairs Right for Me?

Before buying one of these chairs, consider your needs in deciding which ones are best for you. These loungers often have contoured seats and backs for better support. However, they also sit low to the ground, so those with back or leg problems may have issues bending down that far. 

When choosing your furniture, select the best material for you, such as aluminum, HDPE, etc. Then, settle on the styles, colors, and features you prefer — clean lines, angular frames, neutral tones, waterfall fronts, and the list goes on. From here, pick the sizes you need (go for multiple seating sizes to accommodate the height and weight of friends and family). Finally, think about any accessories you might like, such as outdoor cushions and coordinating ottomans. 

Explore our online buying guide for a more detailed look into picking the perfect Adirondacks for your family.

What's the Difference Between Modern, Transitional, and Classic Styles?

At POLYWOOD, we categorize our furniture into three distinct styles: Modern, Transitional, and Classic. What sets one apart from the others? Let’s look at the different characteristics each style has to offer. 

Modern Adirondacks offer sleek silhouettes and clean lines — excellent choices if your tastes lean toward minimalism. Transitional lounge chairs feature versatile looks that effortlessly balance straight lines and gentle contours. Finally, our classic outdoor seating evokes a timeless style that perfectly blends traditional elegance with subtle details.

Adirondack Chair Styles

Folding Adirondack Chairs

Kick back in any outdoor space with POLYWOOD's comfortable and convenient folding chairs. Style a group of these foldable seats in your backyard, or load them in your car and take them with you to the beach for shoreside relaxation. 

Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Create a serene front porch scene with a pair of Adirondack rocking chairs. This type of rocker is the clever combination of an Adirondack seat with the curved runners of a rocking chair, offering a unique relaxation experience POLYWOOD customers love.

Adirondack Sets

Experiences are better when shared, so place an Adirondack set on your balcony or patio and take a moment to relish the comfort and view with a friend. If you have a larger outdoor space, gather a few lounge chair sets together so you can offer relaxation to a crowd.

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